Macaos Convergence 1.6

Build (29-04-2011)
New features:
- 0001600: [Status] Print package content label for each product in packlist
- 0001593: [Status] Make provision for slower shipments in Pack/Ship module
- 0001577: [Mixing] Function to mark boards on a mix as waste, so that they reappear on the mix list
- 0001597: [Status] Packing: DHL tracking numbers get UPS tracking URL
- 0001592: [Other] Mix viewer gets access violation
- 0001602: [Mixing] Production site sometimes not reset on Remove from Mixlist

Build (08-04-2011)
New features:
- 0001567: [RFQs] Show requester info for customer created RFQs
- 0001553: [RFQs] Mark customer created RFQs with a Macaos C in the parent line
- 0001565: [Work orders] View tracking info from Shipment Info dialog
- 0001564: [Other] Support for internal invoicing for Elprint China as agent
- 0001569: [Incoming Orders] When creating workorder, agent should not default to MT
- 0001573: [Mixing] Remove from MixList generates an error message
- 0001566: [Mixing] Problem recalculating mix prices
- 0001568: [RFQs] Price in hint text does not show correctly when not in USD
- 0001554: [Status] Dowload: Bug in downloading of stencils

Build (30-03-2011)
New features:
- 0001552: [Mixing] Add freight prices to product list in mix calculator
- 0001550: [Status] Download: Extra files are not added to mix-zip files
- 0001551: [Status] Download: Comments for stencil products are not added to specifications.txt

Build (28-03-2011)
New features:
- 0001540: [Mixing] Add stackup and board area to mixlist
- 0001542: [Status] Generate proforma invoice for UPS export
- 0001528: [RFQs] Cannot unmark group of RFQs
- 0001541: [Status] Some changes needed for XML export to UPS
- 0001548: [Work orders] Unable to generate internal invoice for orders where Elprint China is agent
- 0001527: [Work orders] Insure that WO is saved with valid delivery address/contact person

Build (14-03-2011)
New features:
- 0001525: [RFQs] Add currency RMB to quotation viewer
- 0001526: [Other] RFQ page is missing on login

Build (11-03-2011)
New features:
- 0001515: [RFQs] Make it possible for agents to create an RFQ from an RFQ
- 0001512: [RFQs] Differentiate between incoming and outgoing RFQs (for agents)
- 0001474: [RFQs] Send mail on receipt of RFQ
- 0001524: [Other] Support for chinese user manual
- 0001523: [Other] Export shipment data to UPS
- 0001501: [RFQs] It's not possible to open more than one quotation at a time
- 0001517: [Status] Download: Bug in creating soldermask opening for products without soldermask on mixes
- 0001511: [Status] Seller cannot sign for sent if purchased through agent
- 0001514: [Work orders] Hide price related information from factory floor users
- 0001516: [Other] Shipments do not appear in list if position is spread over multiple work orders
- 0001513: [Other] Suppliers are duplicated in dropdown checklist