Macaos Convergence 1.5

Build (25-02-2011)
- 0001480: [Status] Packing: Add mix number to packing list for mix
- 0001479: [Status] Download: Invalid D-codes for apertures exported to contour file

Build (17-02-2011)
New features:
- 0001468: [Status] Allow deletion of extra boards when packing
- 0001452: [Other] Reload list after search where product is not found
- 0001470: [Work orders] Hide price, PO, OC and invoice info from external party when an agent is used
- 0001469: [Incoming Orders] Cannot convert null error when creating work order
- 0001465: [Mixing] Delete mix does not always work
- 0001467: [Other] Multi-product panels and mixes do not display properly in viewer
- 0001466: [Status] Shipment information sometimes missing from work order

Build (18-01-2011)
- 0001445: [RFQs] Product comments missing from RFQ when created from product
- 0001414: [RFQs] Link to Quote document missing if first quotation cell is empty
- 0001447: [Status] Shipments direct to customer from mix are registered as sent to sales office
- 0001446: [Status] Transfer mix to vacuum stock does not always work as expected
- 0001444: [Status] Download. Output product numbers of original products in case of multi-product panels
- 0001421: [Status] When signing Manuf with QA (milepost 17) do not show MoveToStock check box
- 0001448: [Work orders] Prevent user from entering tracking number in WorkOrder if they should use Pack/Ship module
- 0001409: [Work orders] Search for tracking number fails if date range is too small

Build (25-11-2010)
New features:
- 0001391: [RFQs] Allow delete of all RFQs in a group
- 0001397: [Work orders] Add nordic currencies to currency list
- 0001375: [Work orders] Ability to filter closed items from lists
- 0001368: [Status] Pack/ship module with automatic QA
- 0001393: [RFQs] Quotations with No Offer should not have a link, since there is no document to view
- 0001396: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer
- 0001403: [RFQs] Quotes for single layer boards incorrectly report 0 as copper thickness
- 0001382: [Status] Download: Mixing of new (hi-res) silk colors
- 0001383: [Status] Download: Mixing of surface fails if no surface (and no copper) mixed with any other surface
- 0001384: [Status] Download: Rotation of rectangle apts fails in some cases

Build (01-11-2010)
New features:
- 0001362: [RFQs] Allow multiple qtys/dates when generating RFQ for an order
- 0001345: [Other] User-definable notification popup interval
- 0001353: [Incoming Orders] Disallow creating WO if order does not have valid shipping address
- 0001346: [Incoming Orders] Need to be able to specify same day shipment of stencils when creating WO/PO
- 0001361: [RFQs] Product and order comments not displayed on Quote viewer
- 0001349: [RFQs] Incorrect copper thickness in quotation for 1-layer board
- 0001348: [RFQs] Prices display incorrectly when multiple qtys and days
- 0001358: [Work orders] UL requirement not included in PO
- 0001344: [Work orders] Some info missing from purchase order
- 0001360: [Status] Unable to complete pack/ship if lost contact with server while packing
- 0001328: [Status] Add check for text that extends contour and/or objects in notation/soldermask before download

Build (01-10-2010)
New features:
- 0001334: [Other] Add overview of orders awaiting shipment
- 0001335: [Other] Module for getting price quotes from mix suppliers
- 0001342: [Status] Unable to download production data for some products
- 0001340: [Status] Unable to pack some orders
- 0001337: [Status] Do not refresh list after cancelling the milepost sign dialog
- 0001333: [Status] ÆØÅ print as chinese characters on first-time print of labels
- 0001332: [RFQs] Peel-off, scoring and hard gold missing from auto-generated quote
- 0001338: [Work orders] Cards/pnl incorrectly parsed into PO

Build (15-09-2010)
New features:
- 0001325: [RFQs] Add UL-Certified fabricator requirement to RFQs and POs
- 0001318: [RFQs] Look up exchange rate when forwarding RFQ
- 0001329: [Status] Part of mix ID text missing when downloading files in China
- 0001324: [Status] Error (List index 5 out of bounds) when packing some shipments
- 0001322: [Status] Need to check downloaded files for exceptions when loading into MIF
- 0001319: [Status] Tracking numbers sometimes missing from customer order
- 0001327: [Prices] Updated price viewer

Build (01-09-2010)
New features:
- 0001313: [Status] Add support for download of production data for mixes

Build (19-08-2010)
New features:
- 0001302: [RFQs] Add function to respond to RFQ with "No offer"
- 0001301: [RFQs] Show RFQs in a tree hierarchy
- 0001300: [Work orders] Add method to accept a PO from the unanswered POs list
- 0001303: [RFQs] Buildup not shown for custom stackups
- 0001304: [Status] Cannot download stencil product data with product number < 100000
- 0001305: [Work orders] Force due date to be later than work order date

Build (06-08-2010)
New features:
- 0001291: [RFQs] Highlight best quote
- 0001290: [RFQs] Add support for RFQs generated from Enterprise
- 0001287: [RFQs] Generate quotation in RFQ product viewer
- 0001295: [Incoming Orders] Raise a notification for incoming orders which have not been processed
- 0001289: [Mixing] Need to be able to delete a mix
- 0001297: [Other] Add product list to mix viewer
- 0001288: [Other] Cache product data locally to improve product viewer performance
- 0001294: [RFQs] Search for RFQ does not work
- 0001293: [Incoming Orders] Incorrect prices when double orders
- 0001296: [Other] Mix production sites sometimes duplicated in site checklist
- 0001292: [Other] Unable to download product data for stencil products