Macaos Convergence 1.3

Build (09-04-2010)
New features:
- 0001187: [Work orders] Phone number on address label
- 0001190: [Other] Add quantity to Status view
- 0001189: [RFQs] Problems with product viewer
- 0001188: [Work orders] Att in wrong position on PO
- 0001186: [Work orders] æøå are not printable in China

Build (16-03-2010)
New features:
- 0001185: [Other] Product specs shown in product viewer
- 0001184: [Mixing] Partially mixed order does not appear in mix list
- 0001183: [Work orders] Specify company/address/att in PO ship/invoice addresses
- 0001182: [Work orders] Mangled product numbers in upload invoice checklist
- 0001181: [Work orders] Article bar code on labels is owner article rather than partner

Build (09-03-2010)
New features:
- 0001177: [Work orders] Show expanded product details for work orders
- 0001169: [Work orders] Print labels and packing list from product details
- 0001168: [Work orders] Disallow uploading invoice if QA documents have not been uploaded
- 0001176: [Mixing] Change frame of mix
- 0001167: [Other] Sort lists with most recent item first rather than last

Build (15-02-2010)
New features:
- 0001153: [RFQs] Generate RFQs without having a pre-defined product
- 0001154: [Other] Stackup viewer in product viewer

Build (08-02-2010)
New features:
- 0001129: [Work orders] Pop up a list of unconfirmed RFQs and POs
- 0001105: [Incoming Orders] Generate RFQ from order or mix
- 0001045: [Other] Generate RFQ from product
- 0001135: [Incoming Orders] "Waiting" orders not shown in incoming list
- 0001133: [Incoming Orders] Product links do not always work
- 0001130: [Incoming Orders] Unable to select self as supplier when creating work order

Build (15-01-2010)
New features:
- 0001116: [Work orders] List undelivered products on mix
- 0001098: [Work orders] Changed column display to show/hide groups of columns
- 0001084: [Other] Pricing management module for fabricators