Macaos Convergence 1.2 and earlier

Build (17-12-2009)
New features:
- 0001109: [Mixing] Move order from mixlist to separate fabrication
- 0001077: [Work orders] Show "Mark as" info in PO
- 0001071: [Work orders] Search for tracking number
- 0001047: [Work orders] Better search for products
- 0001044: [Other] Synchronize AWB/Track n' trace numbers between programs, and support for more shippers
- 0001112: [Work orders] Wrong billing address on PO when Elprint is agent
- 0001046: [Other] Upload of invoices is not logical

Build (20-08-2009)
New features:
- [Work orders] Added contact phone number to PO
- [Work orders] Fixed problems with Elprint as Agent
- [Work orders] Fixed problem with editing WO if fabricator changed

Build (09-07-2009)
New features:
- [Work orders] Added upload of QA documents from WO view
- [Incoming orders] Fixed incorrect order quantity

Build (22-06-2009)
New features:
- [Work orders] View/print purchase order for work order

Build (05-06-2009)
New features:
- [Work orders] OK status for Order confirmations and Invoices
- [Work orders] Prevent uploading non-zip QA documentation

Build 1.0 (24-03-2009)