Macaos Convergence 1.10

Build (12-11-2014)
- 0002947: [RFQs] RFQ PDF should refer to stackup PDF for custom stackups
- 0002946: [RFQs] Show price/dm² as hint in price grid in quote viewer
- 0002935: [Other] Remember user name when closing the program
- 0002948: [RFQs] Memory leak in quote viewer panel optimizer
- 0002945: [RFQs] Prod specs group boxes improperly placed in product quotation viewer
- 0002938: [RFQs] Comment field truncates text at 500 chars
- 0002925: [Work orders] Multiline address does not print properly in PO pdf

Build (24-09-2014)
- 0002903: [Other] Add our order ref and boards/panel to packing list
- 0002886: [Other] Filter RFQ and WO supplier lists by product type
- 0002901: [Production data] Add pnp, drill, notation, soldermask and copper files in production files for paste products
- 0002906: [Production data] Error in Gerber output for Mif text
- 0002908: [RFQs] Must be possible to create RFQs for stencil products

Build (03-09-2014)
- 0002855: [Other] Add timer to check for update every 24 hrs
- 0002874: [Status] Warn if closing work order when not last milepost
- 0002851: [Status] Signing for mix data send, does not include all checks
- 0002872: [Work orders] SQL error when viewing WO history

Build (21-08-2014)
- 0002845: [Status] Updated Gerber reader/writer to Gerber revision J3
- 0002830: [Viewer] Pick and Place data is not correctly cached in some cases
- 0002842: [Viewer] Graphical error when displaying corner tabs on sides with zero frame width

Build (22-07-2014)
- 0002799: [RFQs] Add possibility to disable Gerber X2 when downloading files for RFQ
- 0002793: [Status] Remember state of GerberX2 check box when downloading

Build (26-06-2014)
- 0002791: [Status] Allow download of Gerber files without X2 Attributes
- 0002792: [Status] Traces in some boards in mix missing

Build (24-06-2014)
New features:
- 0002765: [Other] Enable multiple logins
- 0002763: [Status] Show list of missing QA documents
- 0002784: [Work orders] Add Tariff numbers to PO and papers for shipment
- 0002782: [Other] Support for Gerber files with RS-274X2 file attributes
- 0002775: [RFQs] When holding mouse over the comment, show the entire comment as a hint
- 0002759: [RFQs] Un-check "Use dates on search" doesn't work

Build (19-05-2014)
- 0002750: [Other] "Unexpected Class ID encountered: CTMifPoint" when viewing new mixes

Build (28-04-2014)
- 0002758: [Other] Access violation if clicking Get Prices before clicking Refresh prices

Build (24-04-2014)
- 0002749: [Production data] Update download system to disregard @OC commands
- 0002754: [Status] Cannot rotate or mirror view in QA dialog

Build (15-04-2014)
New features:
- 0002728: [RFQs] Forward quote: Double-click to search for user
- 0002744: [RFQs] Forward quote: Add markup/day curve
- 0002745: [RFQs] Forward quote: Show original quote
- 0002732: [Other] Add price editor module for fabricators to manage their online price list

Build (02-04-2014)
- 0002726: [RFQs] Forward quote: Can not modify retail start cost; add minimum markup
- 0002727: [RFQs] Forward quote: Should be able to disable output prices by blanking upper right cells
- 0002729: [RFQs] Forward quote: Prices do not update if no factory price available
- 0002730: [RFQs] Forward quote: Remove "Quote no.:" when pushing quote to database

Build (27-03-2014)
- 0002714: [RFQs] Minor fix to Forward quote to ME customer

Build (25-03-2014)
New features:
- 0002630: [Work Orders] Add checkbox for Repeat order
- 0002714: [RFQs] Add more flexibility to specifying retail prices when forwarding quote to customer
- 0002685: [RFQs] Allow choosing order from which to create WO from RFQ that is not linked to an order
- 0002667: [Production data] Signing for product data should not be possible if product is not signed for CAM

Build (14-01-2014)
- 0002560: [RFQs] Show non-standard properties more clearly
- 0002539: [Work orders] Notify supplier by e-mail when a work order is created
- 0002540: [Work orders] Make POs for Elprint China as Agent WOs visible to buyer

Build (08-01-2014)
- 0002613: [Production data] Change from error to warning for small slots/routed tracks
- 0002614: [Production data] Fix compatibility with MySql 5.1 on new database server
- 0002623: [Production data] Unexplained error message "38" on download

Build (30-12-2013)
- 0002615: [Work orders] Check box to include/exclude date range when searching
- 0002620: [Status] Download module updated for compatibility with new database server
- 0002543: [Status] Download: It's not possible to download mixes with 0-layers
- 0002544: [Status] Download: Empty showMessage box pops up for stencil products

Build (03-10-2013)
- 0002522: [Work orders] Error in output of mixes

Build (01-10-2013)
- 0002461: [Mixing] If all mixes on a date are deleted then none of them are visible
- 0002518: [Status] Improved support for global products
- 0002483: [RFQs] No indication of RFQ creation
- 0002493: [Work orders] Cannot upload OC with space character in path/filename

Build (13-08-2013)
- 0002451: [RFQs] Access violation in quotation module
- 0002450: [Status] RFQ info does not show for mixes in unchecked list of Status view
- 0002449: [Work orders] Problems uploading invoice and QA docs

Build (09-08-2013)
New features:
- 0002447: [Mixing] Show deleted mixes and allow undeleting
- 0002446: [RFQs] RFQ viewer for mixes should display hole counts and minimum features
- 0002448: [Work orders] Cannot open invoice file with space character at end of filename

Build (07-08-2013)
New features:
- 0002315: [RFQs] Show detailed price breakdown for prices in Forward Quote To ME dialog
- 0002316: [RFQs] When creating an RFQ in MC, the "No x-outs allowed" checkbox is gone
- 0002317: [RFQs] Often when searching for RFQ's nothing is found
- 0002343: [RFQs] Unable to create WO from RFQ
- 0002417: [RFQs] RMB as currency is not fully supported
- 0002433: [RFQs] Remove "X rfq's created succesfully"
- 0002418: [Work orders] Do not show "Send response to quoters .." if only one RFQ was made

Build (30-04-2013)
New features:
- 0002284: [RFQs] Use parameters from existing price list when forwarding quotation to customer
- 0002205: [RFQs] Quote viewer should show IPC class in red text if not class 2
- 0002266: [RFQs] RFQ recipient list fails if no "regular" recipient is chosen
- 0002233: [Status] All orders should be shipped direct to customer in pack/ship
- 0002282: [Work orders] access violation on attempt to create stencil WO from incoming orders
- 0002218: [Other] Internal invoicing list is built up wrong

Build (28-12-2012)
New features:
- 0002077: [RFQs] Duplicate RFQ
- 0002044: [RFQs] Customer RFQ's from ME should be sent to the sales office, for forwarding to desired suppliersRFQ to
- 0002147: [Status] Additional info with bar codes required on shipment docs
- 0002080: [Status] Additional information requested for outside package label
- 0002121: [Work orders] View all pack list info in Shipment Details
- 0002045: [Work orders] Change "Save to archive" to "Save and close" on "Purchase Order" form
- 0002039: [Work orders] Sort suppliers by priority
- 0002108: [Incoming Orders] Customer RFQ does not contain info about IPC class 3, if checked
- 0002079: [Incoming Orders] Remove freight from ME-orders
- 0002126: [RFQs] Download of data is not possible
- 0002109: [RFQs] Creating RFQ from mixes med in MixDemo are missing size, stackup and surface
- 0002107: [RFQs] Local settings causes date format to be wrong
- 0002106: [RFQs] Check pCardInfo for info when creating RFQ for mixes
- 0002111: [Status] Downloading product data should sign for recieved data
- 0002157: [Work orders] Cannot delete work order