Macaos Perception build 125 special notes

Starting with this build, the Assembly Data Manager (ADM) uses version 4 of the Octopart API for component searches. This requires that the user acquire and enter an Octopart API token.

With API version 4, Octopart has made it easy to obtain a token, by simply registering online and choosing an appropriate level of access. The access level may also be changed as necessary. There is a free access level for users with limited search needs.

The Macaos policy for Octopart API access is as follows:

  • Each sales office must have their own API token if they wish to use the component search or component price estimation functions of the ADM in Macaos Perception.
  • Macaos Enterprise users (who are marked as "Active customer" in Macaos Perception) will use the API token of their sales office. Macaos Enterprise users do not have access to the price estimator in the ADM, only the component search functionality.
  • All other users (Macaos Enterprise Pro, Macaos Enterprise who are not active customer, and Macaos Gallery) must acquire and enter their own API token.

A Basic plan is adequate, since none of the additional features of the Pro plan are implemented by Macaos.

Access levels are determined by the number of Parts (specific, unique manufacturer part numbers) returned by the API in the course of a month. A single component search may return up to 20 Parts per search. Therefore, a sales office should choose an access level that will be adequate for their own use as well as the use of their active customers. (It remains to be seen how much and how quickly Macaos Enterprise users will start using this new feature.)

Elprint Norge and Elprint ApS should probably sign up for the Basic 100k plan, even though 20k may be enough for the first few months. ME PCB will probably manage fine with the Basic 20k plan for the forseeable future.

To register for an API token: 

  1. Go to and follow the instructions there.
  2. When registering, specify "Macaos Enterprise" as the Application Name, and select "Client application" as what you will use the Octopart API for.
  3. Once registered, you will find the token at The token must be entered into Macaos Perception with the Tools|Sales office settings menu command.