Macaos Perception 1.3

Build (21-07-2021)
- 0004732: [Other] Remove m² and dm price columns from order summary
- 0004731: [Quote] Show valid days in quote viewer
- 0004733: [Statistics] Annual overview delivery chart should include next year
- 0004730: [Quote] Logo in quotations and order confirmations should be set correctly for each office

Build (30-06-2021)
- 0004715: [Product] Make it possible to change the number of days a quotation is valid
- 0004723: [Product] "Other" solder mask color does not load properly
- 0004717: [Product] Product specs does not display integrated test jig style
- 0004720: [Product] Style id incorrect after editing test jig

Build (17-06-2021)
- 0004694: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Automatically identify designator separator if comma, semicolon or space found
- 0004693: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Add additional Value columns
- 0004692: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Allow hyphen as valid designator character
- 0004691: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Allow marking caps/res as equivalent or better
- 0004690: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Clear all settings
- 0004689: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Search and replace in selected grid column
- 0004683: [Product] ADM Delete equiv or better, or all alternates
- 0004679: [Product] ADM It should be possible to un-mark a checked item from the popup menu
- 0004677: [Product] ADM Component search module short cut changed from Ctrl+O to Ctrl+D
- 0004706: [Product] Test fixture board center incorrectly displayed
- 0004695: [Product] ADM Some changes not saved when product saved
- 0004688: [Product] ADM Problem importing PnP from attached file
- 0004678: [Product] ADM Imported file stored in product is empty
- 0004676: [Product] ADM Hide components with BOM status approved does not work.
- 0004675: [Product] ADM Focus issue in component list

Build (06-05-2021)
- 0004666: [Product] ADM Add menu commands to expand/collapse selected item in list
- 0004665: [Product] ADM More options to hide components in list
- 0004664: [Product] ADM Allow designator ranges (C13-C25) in search
- 0004662: [Product] ADM Caption and icon changes to reduce confusion about approval and placement style
- 0004659: [Product] ADM make Price dialog sizeable
- 0004672: [Price] No text for supplier Elprint is available
- 0004667: [Product] ADM Unidentified "parts not found"
- 0004663: [Product] ADM Access violation importing PnP bottom data

Build (13-04-2021)
- 0004533: [ADM] Allow import of XLSX and ODS files for BOM
- 0004651: [ADM] Enable Swap Layer only when instance is selected
- 0004649: [ADM] Keyboard arrow button does not work in Edit boxes in edit component
- 0004648: [ADM] BOM Import: Supplier/SKU in single column does not display as expected
- 0004643: [ADM] Give unique description when creating component
- 0004639: [Product] Attached files on Mech part do not show in list

Build (23-03-2021)
New functionality:
- 0004634: [ADM] EMS: Function to automatically link to Octopart (if possible)
- 0004628: [ADM] Add separate functions to mark as approved for Placement/BOM
- 0004635: [ADM] Importing some PnP files does not work after Clear All
- 0004629: [Order] Can not edit prices for pallets

Build (16-03-2021)
New functionality:
- 0004626: [ADM] Clear all components
- 0004625: [ADM] Some rotations are incorrect when importing PnP from Altium
- 0004627: [ADM] Component counts not saved properly

Build (09-03-2021)
- 0004616: [Customer] Can not save changes to company info

Build (04-03-2021)
- 0004611: [Order] Edit price line. Prices are limited to only 3 digits before comma

Build (03-03-2021)
- 0004603: [ADM] Add "save settings" check box to Import BOM dialog
- 0004602: [ADM] Check that description and/or manuf part # column is specified
- 0004604: [ADM] Shortcut keys to view layers not working
- 0004601: [ADM] Error importing BOM in text/csv format
- 0004607: [Product] Wrong annular ring shown in certain situations
- 0004605: [Product] Can not open product containing ODB++ .tgz file

Build (16-02-2021)
- 0004591: [ADM] Add Test point as component class
- 0004577: [ADM] Option to ignore DNP components in price estimator
- 0004588: [ADM] PnP import scaling issue
- 0004584: [ADM] Last character ignored when editing cell in source BOM grid

Build (11-02-2021)
- 0004578: [Price] Range check error when getting prices

Build (10-02-2021)
New functionality:
- 0004573: [Product] Toggle product dormant status
- 0004489: [Quote] Make it possible to send quotation for assembly from MP
- 0004574: [Product] ADM: Tweaks and fixes as in ME 5.4
- 0004572: [Product] History button replaced with ADM button
- 0004575: [Statistics] Invoiced annual revenue is sometimes too large

Build (18-12-2020)
- 0004551: [Other] Tweaks to recent customers

Build (11-12-2020)
- 0004548: [Product] Can not edit prices if all prices are invalid and product is not board or stencil

Build (02-12-2020)
- 0004540: [Product] ADM Several tweaks and fixes

Build (19-11-2020)
New functionality:
- 0004437: [Product] ADM Mounting type column in BOM import
- 0004516: [Product] ADM BOM fields and sorting during import BOM
- 0004514: [Product] ADM Do not allow saving changes for shared products
- 0004480: [Product] ADM User experience tweaks
- 0004438: [Product] ADM Multiple Supplier/SKU columns in imported BOM
- 0004534: [Statistics] Add mech parts and assy to revenue/orders by product type in weekly report
- 0004522: [Product] ADM Problem importing PnP with missing values
- 0004529: [Product] ADM Choose fiducial mounting style

Build (10-11-2020)
- 0004526: [MIF] DNP component property not saved to cache
- 0004523: [Viewer] Copperfill is displayed incorrectly

Build (09-10-2020)
- 0004504: [ADM] Clarify rotation of bottom side components

Build (23-09-2020)
- 0004488: [Product] ADM: DNP attribute does not get saved to product file
- 0004479: [Product] Expand Create variant form when changing product type
- 0004478: [Product] ADM: In viewer if swapping between Product view and BOM view no items are visible in BOM
- 0004475: [Product] ADM does not appear to find parts when only one hit

Build (20-08-2020)
- 0004460: [Other] Cannot view pallet products
- 0004459: [Viewer] Thermal aperture does not display properly
- 0000000: [Viewer] Mech products do not show in viewer

Build (05-08-2020)
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - New Octopart API

Build (01-07-2020)
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - a few tweaks
- 0003997: [Product] Fixed problem with warning when changed stackup changes product type

Build (25-06-2020)
New features:
- 0004434: [Search] Search for products imported by Orcad->Macaos or by GbrJob
- 0004435: [Other] Count Orcad->Macaos purchases in current or previous month
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - swap layer, delete component

Build (23-06-2020)
New features:
- 0004425: [Product] Expand paint color specification modes
- 0004422: [Product] Make variant of mech product
- 0004426: [Search] Search for boards with assy data or non-board products by product type
- 0003997: [Product] Warning when changed stackup changes product type
- 0004431: [Product] Can not open solder pallet in viewer
- 0004429: [Product] Viewer does not display color of mech part
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - fixed problem saving data

Build (29-05-2020)
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - Export PnP, MST report, Group edit ops, Import DNP from BOM

Build (25-05-2020)
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - several bug fixes

Build (19-05-2020)
New features:
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager component pricing module

Build (08-05-2020)
New features:
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager component search module

Build (30-04-2020)
New features:
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager
- 0004396: [Macaos] Popup "Are you sure you want to send ME download info?" before sending
- 0004398: [Product] Special specification checkboxes are sometimes hidden

Build (18-12-2019)
New features:
- 0000000: [Other] Use Tools|Recent customers to generate list of e-mail addresses

Build (25-11-2019)
- 0004339: [Product] Not all chars of Surface finish is included in Order confirmation or quotations
- 0004338: [Other] Occasional AV
- 0004370: [Product] Variants sometimes created with new product number added to the old product NVPs
- 0004346: [Product] Flex stackups (1021) are not opened correctly in stackup editor
- 0004344: [Product] Can not read fresedim.txt file when product is in cache

Build (10-10-2019)
- 0004332: [Product] Add support for pallet products
- 0004328: [Product] Add warning when saving a rigid-flex product with 0 flex layers
- 0004312: [Product] Wrong message type on update stackup drawing
- 0004311: [Product] Customer popup comments should show in quote dialog
- 0004333: [Product] Cannot zoom in 3D viewer
- 0004326: [Product] AV when creating variant with different layer count
- 0004313: [Product] Copper thickness is sometimes shown wrong for special stackups

Build (12-08-2019)
- 0004298: [Product] Add variant for stencil products
- 0004295: [Product] Add "Special (see comment)" as mech part material

Build (02-07-2019)
- 0004287: [Order] Cannot create copy of order

Build (01-07-2019)
New features:
- 0004284: [Product] Create RFQ for assembly
- 0004280: [Product] Create order for assembly
- 0004253: [Order] Packing options not shown on options tab unless in Edit mode

Build (23-04-2019)
- 0004238: [Order] Use Waiting site icon for orders on wait
- 0004222: [Quote] Sellers name is not saved in the Quotations details dlg
- 0004204: [Quote] Specify Qty panels and boards for panel products when sending quotations with single qty/time
- 0004224: [Viewer] Show flex layers slightly wider in rigid-flex stackup
- 0004167: [Viewer] Add minimum feature functions to view mode menu
- 0004223: [Order] X-outs and UL-certified fabricator options are missing from the order options
- 0004241: [Product] Stackup thickness in OC/Quote for free builds should be nominal thickness
- 0004217: [Product] Can not add adhesive layer beside cover layer
- 0004207: [Product] Stackup drawing in PDF does not draw thin/flex boards

Build (27-02-2019)
- 0004198: [Order] Inconsistency in supplier lists for depanel fixtures
- 0004201: [Quote] Quotations for single qty/time is unclear
- 0004195: [Product] Cannot set "Not yet CAM" once a CAM person has been selected

Build (15-02-2019)
New features:
- 0004178: [Order] Always set supplier to Waiting when creating an order
- 0003941: [Order] Changes to Order confirmations and quotations sent from MP/MC
- 0004151: [Order] Campaign text shows #NL# instead of a new line
- 0003981: [Order] Improve stackup and material info of order confimations
- 0003992: [Product] Add material to stackup hint
- 0003988: [Product] Show CAM by for inactive salesperson
- 0004091: [Order] For non-PCB products the supplier lists are different in drop-down and popup
- 0004135: [Product] Selecting a Depanel product activates the save button
- 0004188: [Quote] Currency and exchange rate do not show properly
- 0004160: [Quote] Incorrect material description in quotation/OC
- 0004140: [Statistics] Query error in Customer summary

Build (11-10-2018)
- 0004070: [Other] Access violation when viewing mix

Build (08-10-2018)
- 0004051: [Product] Based on infomation is sometimes lost

Build (04-09-2018)
New features:
0004028: [Product] Add ability to add/edit BasedOn
0003966: [Product] Bugs when editing a flex stackup
0004022: [Product] Cover layer thickness not correct when editing

Build (06-08-2018)
- 0004018: [Product] AV when viewing mechanical part product

Build (30-07-2018)
- 0004015: [Product] Support for depanel fixture products
- 0004016: [Other] Updated viewer module

Build (09-05-2018)
New features:
- 0003963: [Product] Make it possible to delete stock from database
- 0003950: [Product] 1-layer MBB stackup does not load properly for editing

Build (12-04-2018)
- 0003938: [Order] Protect frame state is not included in the OC for stencil products
- 0003945: [Other] 1-layer MBB stackup does not show properly
- 0003923: [Search] Elprint Order# is hidden from Order search pane on program startup

Build (01-03-2018)
- 0003907: [Product] Color check box should not show when viewing mech part
- 0003892: [Product] Allow specifying CTI for custom dielectric material
- 0003541: [Product] Stackup viewer: Add display of blind an buried vias
- 0003906: [Price] Mech parts get painted price even with no color selected
- 0003890: [Price] PCB with special material not identified as having special material
- 0003901: [Product] Dielectric material shows incorrectly when editing custom stackup

Build (20-02-2018)
- 0003877: [Other] Caption missing from Machines folder in OTS product mgr
- 0003898: [Product] Load customer's previous builds in custom build editor
- 0003897: [Product] Custom build does not load into editor properly
- 0003875: [Product] When editing Stencil thickness, Save button is not activated

Build (08-02-2018)
- 0003880: [Product] Access violation when editing 1-layer stackup
- 0003881: [Viewer] Stackup viewer does not draw stackup when switching tabs

Build (07-02-2018)
- 0003831: [Order] Add Green partner Tech logo
- 0003815: [Order] Add Shenzhen Lexcent Tech. as supplier of plastic parts
- 0003784: [Other] Order Macaos licenses by active then MacId
- 0003869: [Order] OC with zero qty crashes server
- 0003800: [Order] Lexcent does not show in supplier list
- 0003861: [Product] Publisher gets changed when editing connector
- 0003846: [Product] Looking for Customer info for global product causes ME001 SQL error
- 0003841: [Product] Mouse wheel when viewing machine product causes errors

Build (22-08-2017)
New features:
- 0003764: [Statistics] Show total sales in NOK
- 0003763: [Statistics] Separate paste masks from other in products stats

Build (09-06-2017)
- 0003726: [Search] Status bar hints have corrupt text
- 0003728: [Order] Shipping price for unaccompanied stencils added to stencil price
- 0003727: [Order] Cannot view internal invoice

Build (30-05-2017)
New features:
- 0003708: [Other] Add menu command to easily add/change price of connector
- 0003689: [Order] Add warning if trying to send Preliminary Order Confirmation
- 0003680: [Order] Round off prices
- 0003691: [Quote] pdf quotations/order conf should contain info of alu boards
- 0003707: [Customer] Newline not properly shown in customer followup dialog

Build (23-03-2017)
New features:
- 0003677: [Product] Add support for mechanical part products
- 0003429: [Quote] Add cover lay and stiffener T/B to quotes and OCs for flex/RF boards
- 0003434: [Product] Make product viewer show product view tab when opening form
- 0003675: [Quote] Some users report difficulty selecting qtys/days due to font size
- 0003661: [Quote] Colors/Finishes not correctly constrained if mode is in-list/not-in-list
- 0003657: [Quote] Price for product differs before and after getting price with free specs

Build (28-02-2017)
New features:
- 0003531: [Order] add possibility to set factory and customer date for all positions in order
- 0003625: [Quote] ME shopping basket should not be visible
- 0003610: [Order] Board weight shows 1000x too large before saving order
- 0003612: [Product] Product nr does not show in Edit share dialog
- 0003628: [Product] Cannot add new price to OTS product

Build (01-02-2017)
- 0003570: [Quote] Do not show product number in quote with free specs
- 0003603: [Order] Round off prices
- 0003594: [Order] Show entire product description for connectors (and other OTS products)
- 0003592: [Order] Order confirmations. Truncate long texts
- 0003608: [Order] Adding multiple positions to an order gives wrong warning about currency
- 0003562: [Order] OST and test equipment does not have a weight
- 0003606: [Quote] Error calculations when editing prices
- 0003591: [Search] Save button gets activated

Build (26-01-2017)
New features:
- 0003216: [Order] Add interface to edit office/manufacturer holidays
- 0003374: [Price] It should be possible to order a product even if no price is available
[Order] New price engine supports flexible pricing for non-board products
[Order] Changes to Quotation dialog user interface
[Order] Exchange rates in Tools|Sales office settings
[Quote] Double-click on price to view price breakdown details
- 0003550: [Viewer] Add status text to see if the view is mirrored or rotated