Product comparison

Product comparison: Macaos Gallery and Macaos Enterprise

Feature Macaos Enterprise Macaos Gallery1 Macaos Gallery Pro1  
Import Gerber and drill files for board product Yes Yes Yes
Add symbols to imported board product Yes Yes Yes
Define stackup for board product with drawing Yes Yes Yes
Location of product storage2 Macaos Cloud User's
local disk
local disk
Panelize board product Yes Yes Yes
Multi-product panelization Yes Yes Yes
Add assembly mask data to panel Yes Yes Yes
Panel drawing Yes Yes Yes
Create solder paste stencil for board product Yes Yes Yes
Add assembly mask data to board product Yes Yes Yes
Generate technical drawings of product Yes Yes Yes
Edit Pick-and-Place and Bill of Materials (BOM) data Yes Yes Yes
Create test fixture for board product Yes Yes Yes
Export product to Gerber/drill files - Yes Yes
Get online price quotations Yes - -
Place order online Yes - -
Order connectors, test jigs and other accessories Yes - -
Access Macaos component database when working with BOM Yes - -
Request quotation for assembly (EMS) Yes - -
Share products with partners Yes - -
Calculate cost and retail price of PCB - - Yes
Generate quotation for PCB to customer - - Yes
Create/modify price lists for PCBs - - Yes
Price Free €2003 €5000/yr4
Price per additional user - - €800/yr4
Product updates No limit 1 year 1 year

1 Users who manufacture, sell, trade, or broker bare (unpopulated) printed circuit boards must purchase Macaos Gallery Pro. Macaos Gallery (basic version) will not be licensed to such users. This limitation also applies to CAM/Engineering service providers (such as Pre-CAM or Quotation services) for such users.

2 Macaos Enterprise is sponsored by PCB resellers, who have access to product data for purposes of generating quotations and fulfilling orders. With Macaos Gallery, all of your product data is stored in your local system and is not visible to any other parties.

3 Macaos Gallery is licensed to a single user on a single computer. You must contact Macaos Support if you need to move your license to a new computer.

4 Includes one named user on one computer. Contact Macaos support if a named user needs access from more than one computer.