Connection manager

Connection manager Bruce

The Configure|Connection settings command opens the Connection manager.

Click on the Test connection button. If the test succeeds, then everything is OK, and you can close the connection manager.

If the test fails, it may be because you must configure a proxy server. If so, check off for Use Proxy, and enter the server host name, port, username and password as specified by your IT department.

Once you have a successful Connection Test, click OK to save your settings.


If your proxy settings are correct, but the test still fails then you must troubleshoot the connection:

Click on the Ping button. This sends a single “Ping” (ICMP Echo) message to the Macaos server host. If successful, the host will respond with a message like: “Received 4 bytes in 15ms. Echo” (though the numbers may be different). If the message times out or is not returned, then some network issue is preventing contact with the server host.

Click on the DNS lookup button. This will check the server address resolution. Some network systems store network addresses locally, and on occasion these can become corrupted. The DNS lookup checks to see if the server host name matches with the actual IPv4 address of the Macaos server host. If so you will get the message “Server address correctly resolved.” If you get any other response, then you may need to reset your DNS cache, either on your PC or at some level in your network.

If both the Ping test and the DNS lookup test pass, but the Connection test still fails, then there is most likely a firewall issue at your site which is blocking communication between Macaos Enterprise and the Macaos server. Contact your IT department to have them open for communication between the Macaos Enterprise application and Note: Although the program uses port 80, much of the traffic is not pure http protocol. It may be necessary to tweak firewall settings such that the firewall allows all traffic to pass.