Connectors, Accessories and Machines

Connectors, Accessories and Machines Bruce

While PCBs, stencils and test fixtures are products which may only be purchased by their owner (and partners), Macaos Enterprise also supports purchasing “ownerless” products. There are several categories of “ownerless” products:

  • Global products are PCB products which may be purchased by anyone. These are typically kits for student projects.
  • Connectors A wide variety of connectors styles are available, and each style has several parameter options. Use the Connector Chooser to browse and select a connector.
  • ESD accessories are anti-static bags, tape, labels and related products.
  • Machines are milling machines, laser engraving machines, label dispensers and more.
  • Software is software licenses, maintenance agreements and related products.
  • Stencil frames are stencil stretch frames and other stencil related accessories.
  • Test accessories are test jigs, test pins and related products.
  • Other off-the-shelf products are any off-the-shelf products not included in the preceding categories.

Off-the-shelf products may be purchased in much the same manner as PCB, stencil or fixture products.

In cases where an online price is not available, placing an order is in essence a Request for Quotation (RFQ). The sales office will get back to you with price and availability details and then await your confirmation before processing the order.

Connector chooser

The Connector Chooser is used to browse the catalog of available connectors and select a connector for purchase.

Selecting a connector family from the category tree loads its description and options, and displays a drawing and/or photograph of the connector family. You may then select the specific parameters, such as pin count or contact plating, of the desired connector. Clicking on the purchase button loads the selected connector into the Quotation module.

More info

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