Remarks bruce Thu, 02/18/2016 - 09:39

Remarks are comments or information that is attached to a specific position in the product. Macaos Enterprise supports a graphic layer for remarks. This layer is visible together with the other layers in the product viewer. It is also exported as a separate Gerber file when data is transmitted to a manufacturer. In this way, remarks will always follow the product data, so that all parties will be informed about the remark.

Remarks may be created in the Import Module when importing a product to Macaos Enterprise. They may also be created or modified in the Assembly Data Manager Module.

There are four action buttons:

  • Save changes to product – Updates the Remarks layer in the product
  • Add a remark to the board – Create a new remark
  • Edit selected remark text – Modify the text of a remark. You can only change one line of text at a time. You can only modify text that has been created during the current editing session.
  • Delete remarks – Delete remarks from the Remarks layer.

The remarks layer is stored as Gerber data in the product. Since the Gerber format does not support complex objects, all text is converted to individual lines and arcs. For this reason it is not possible to edit the text of a remark after it has been stored. Instead, you must delete the remark and create a new remark.

Creating a new remark

To create a new remark, do the following:

  1. Click on the button to activate the button.

  2. Draw a circle around the area on the board to which the remark applies.

  3. Enter the text of the remark in the Place remark dialog box. Add line breaks as appropriate. The text will be placed to the right of the circle.

  4. Click OK to complete creation of the remark.