Macaos Convergence 2.x

Macaos Convergence 2.x bruce Tue, 11/03/2015 - 15:22

Build (22-09-2021)
- 0004758: [Status] Extended product info missing from download pkg for PCBA

Build (21-07-2021)
- 0004729: [RFQs] Prices in wrong grid columns if RFQ for Assy has target date

Build (13-07-2021)
- 0004714: [RFQs] Make it possible to change the number of days a quotation is valid
- 0004709: [RFQs] Show Prod Info check box to add product name, article and Customer columns
- 0004704: [RFQs] Forward quote extensions
- 0004713: [Production data] It should not be possible to sign ASSY orders for data sent if product is not signed for CAM
- 0004724: [Production data] Subj for EQ mails in PCBA order pkg not included in spec file
- 0004719: [Production data] MIT test jig to support 3D file in output
- 0004710: [Work orders] Tracking link does not work
- 0004684: [Work orders] Can not upload invoice for mech part work order

Build (14-04-2021)
- 0004658: [RFQs] Mat'l spec (for Other mat'l) of mech part not shown in RFQ
- 0004640: [RFQs] Forward quote - ignore max markup if checked, but <= min markup

Build (29-03-2021)
New features:
- 0004624: [Production data] Allow assy+PCB data to be downloaded as 2 separate products
- 0004617: [RFQs] It should be possible to view price/availability for Assy BOM
- 0004564: [Production data] Include alternate MPNs in BOM for production
- 0004636: [RFQs] SQL error on forward quote to customer

Build (15-03-2021)
- 0004621: [Mixing] Mix|Update Manuf Price does not calculate properly

Build (11-03-2021)
- 0004621: [Mixing] DB error on Mix|Update Manuf Price
- 0004583: [RFQs] Add unit weight to forward price to customer

Build (09-03-2021)
- 0004614: [RFQs] Wrong qty/days in Create WO from RFQ

Build (10-02-2021)
- 0004565: [Viewer] Show angle in measurement display
- 0004307: [Viewer] Increase data resolution from 100 nm to 1 nm

Build (18-12-2020)
- 0004547: [RFQs] Comments are not included in RFQs for mechanical parts
- 0004531: [RFQs] Cannot create WO for assy from RFQ

Build (10-11-2020)
- 0004526: [MIF] DNP component property not saved to cache
- 0004517: [Production data] List of designators in BOM list is incorrect
- 0004525: [Production data] PnP file exported to xls might lose decimal sign
- 0004511: [RFQs] Components not loaded if Show Product chosen

Build (20-10-2020)
- 0004507: [RFQs] Forward quote does not import RFQ for PCB+Assy correctly
- 0004508: [Other] Allow update without login

Build (12-10-2020)
- 0004506: [Status] Problem downloading production data for assy WOs

Build (05-10-2020)
New features:
- 0004499: [Work orders] It should be possible to make WO/RFQ for PCB+Assy
- 0004498: [Status] Allow Norway office to send incoming invoice to Uni Økonomi
- 0004496: [Status] Product viewer for Assy WOs should show component list and allow export of BOM/PnP data

Build (28-08-2020)
- 0004469: [Production data] Set up production output for Assembly
- 0004468: [Production data] Improve output for Assembly RFQ and orders

Build (19-08-2020)
- 0004460: [Other] Cannot view pallet products
- 0004459: [Viewer] Thermal aperture does not display properly

Build (18-08-2020)
- 0004456: [Production data] Parsing error in rounded rectangle aperture
- 0004455: [Production data] Extra files (images/pdf, etc) were not included in manufacturer download
- 0004449: [Production data] Product number in filenames and zip file not always consistent

Build (23-07-2020)
New features:
- 0004444: [RFQs] Show component list in RFQ for assembly viewer
- 0004442: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer - for assembly
- 0004428: [Other] Comments are shortened after generating a PDF
- 0004430: [RFQs] Start cost doesn't display properly in forwarded quote

Build (18-06-2020)
New features:
- 0003967: [RFQs] Make a check-list for RFQs
- 0000000: [Production data] Gerber 2019.06 compliant output
- 0004419: [RFQs] Forward quote: allow reduced delivery time
- 0004409: [RFQs] Forward quote: Changing currency should not change min/max markup
- 0004418: [RFQs] Forward quote does not import RFQ for assembly correctly

Build (22-11-2019)
- 0004329: [Status] Preserve sort column on page refresh
- 0004342: [Work orders] Make it possible to upload .xlsx .docx files as order confirmations and other documents
- 0004309: [Other] Block usage for old versions
- 0004367: [Production data] Update zip functionallity
- 0004327: [RFQs] Bugs/changes in forward quote to customer
- 0004363: [RFQs] Forward quote does not pass order options

Build (15-08-2019)
- 0004304: [Production data] Error when downloading drill files for single sided boards
- 0004305: [Status] Mech parts not signed for CAM can't be downloaded, even though signed for send data

Build (12-08-2019)
- 0004296: [RFQs] When creating and RFQ based on customer created RFQ, IPC class 3 is ignored

Build (09-07-2019)
- 0004291: [RFQs] Notification mails do not get sent

Build (01-07-2019)
- 0004286: [RFQs] Problem sending RFQ notification to multiple addresses

Build (26-06-2019)
- 0004282: [RFQs] Cannot notify of RFQ when multiple notify adresses
- 0004281: [RFQs] Cannot view RFQ for mix

Build (24-06-2019)
New features:
- 0004263: [RFQs] Hide tooling charge in Forward Quote to Customer
- 0004277: [RFQs] Create RFQ for assembly from incoming order
- 0004278: [Work orders] Create WO for assembly
- 0004086: [Work orders] When deleting WO ask to send a cancellation email to fabricator
- 0004060: [Incoming Orders] Exclude fully delivered orders from Incoming Orders list
- 0004254: [Work orders] Comments get truncated in PO
- 0004276: [RFQs] Cannot create RFQ without product

Build (24-04-2019)
- 0004242: [Other] Warn Elprint China if user does not update program
- 0004219: [Other] Clear cache on change login
- 0004226: [RFQs] Add button to clear search memory
- 0004225: [RFQs] Add shortcut to create new RFQ
- 0004224: [Viewer] Show flex layers slightly wider in rigid-flex stackup
- 0004167: [Viewer] Add minimum feature functions to view mode menu
- 0004200: [Production data] Description text does not include definition of UL mark layers
- 0004240: [RFQs] Long comments are truncated in supplier quotations

Build (13-02-2019)
- 0004187: [RFQs] Show RFQs from ME to Offline Supplier with bold text

Build (05-02-2019)
- 0004171: [Production data] Errors occured when signing for data
- 0004170: [Production data] Description of UL-mark-Layers missing from description.txt
- 0004150: [Work orders] Work orders can't reopen in some cases

Build (22-11-2018)
- 0004111: [Incoming Orders] When creating a WO, warn if a work order for that order already exists
- 0004109: [Production data] Make description.txt depend on actual files in the package and not a general description
- 0004061: [Work orders] Improved search for old WOs for CONN-products
- 0004132: [Work orders] Can not delete PO or mix after update of database
- 0004107: [Production data] For test fixtures, information about protective cover is not passed to the manufacturer
- 0004108: [Production data] For Depanel products, info about ESD paint was not passed to manufacturer

Build (29-10-2018)
- 0004069: [Incoming Orders] Set color blue to indicate RFQ sent after sending RFQ
- 0004089: [Work orders] Information about options should be included in PO
- 0004084: [RFQs] Cannot enter Quotaton viewer for mech parts
- 0004083: [RFQs] Comments for RFQs to mechparts are not included in the RFQ pdf

Build (11-10-2018)
- 0004070: [Other] Access violation when viewing mix

Build (09-10-2018)
- 0004023: [Mixing] Add phone number to Mix info popup
- 0004037: [RFQs] RFQs for 3D products (incl depanel fixtures), auto-check Allow Download
- 0004058: [Work orders] When creating a WO, set the shipping price to 0 no matter what
- 0003768: [Work orders] Preselect "DHL" as shipping method when creating PO
- 0004024: [Production data] It is not possible to download product data for 3D parts
- 0003995: [Status] Print mix summary gives a SQL error

Build (12-06-2018)
- 0003963: [Viewer] Older stackup material descriptions fail to load
- 0003950: [Viewer] 1-layer MBB stackup does not load properly

Build (07-05-2018)
- 0003947: [RFQs] Add Forward quote for customer to 3D parts
- 0003937: [RFQs] Error with calculation of max markup
- 0003885: [RFQs] Problem locating older RFQs
- 0003948: [Viewer] Viewer does not show product info

Build (12-04-2018)
- 0003945: [Other] 1-layer MBB stackup does not show properly
- 0003933: [RFQs] Show Product in context menu does not load mixes properly

Build (22-03-2018)
- 0003922: [Production data] Change via filling file name to follow the selected IPC type
- 0003920: [RFQs] Enlarge viewer window for RFQ for mech part
- 0003927: [Incoming Orders] When placing an order for a Mech Part it says "Unsupported product type"
- 0003921: [Incoming Orders] Orders with RFQ not shown unless date range checked
- 0003931: [Other] Product viewer does not respond to keyboard shortcuts

Build (07-03-2018)
New features:
- 0003845: [RFQs] Panel optimizer in create RFQ dialog
- 0003904: [Incoming Orders] Indicate if Incoming order has an RFQ created
- 0003775: [Other] Contact phone number should be visible anywhere shipping address is visible
- 0003905: [RFQs] Show Allow product data download in create RFQ dialog for mech parts
- 0003848: [RFQs] Not possible to set only MLT in create RFQ dialog

Build (05-03-2018)
- 0003908: [Other] Warn more insistently about available updates
- 0003911: [RFQs] Download product as MIF
- 0003884: [Status] RFQ Status takes very long time to refresh

Build (08-02-2018)
- 0003839: [Other] Make it possible to open quote-pdfs simultaneously
- 0003851: [Work orders] Allow upload of invoices before CoC reports
- 0003878: [Other] Stackup does not show in product viewer

Build (07-02-2018)
- 0003806: [RFQs] Forward quote: Allow negative seller's one-time cost (to reduce total one-time)
- 0003809: [RFQs] Creating RFQ from mech part product gets wrong order type

Build (19-10-2017)
- 0003776: [Other] Should be possible to copy shipment details to clipboard
- 0003794: [Work orders] Can not generate POs for mech product orders

Build (05-09-2017)
- 0003772: [RFQs] Mix data is missing from RFQ for mix

Build (04-09-2017)
- 0003769: [Other] AV when trying to make RFQ or PO from product with special material

Build (31-08-2017)
New features:
- 0003530: [RFQs] Possibility for "Minimum lead time" in stead of actual number of days
- 0003759: [Production data] Expanded checks and allow download of 3D plastic products
- 0003755: [RFQs] MBB boards with x021 stackup don't say they are alu boards
- 0003768: [Work orders] Preselect "DHL" as shipping method when creating PO
- 0003758: [RFQs] Create RFQ based on existing RFQ will not set the same IPC class

Build (22-06-2017)
- 0003740: [Work orders] Add support for mechanical part products
- 0003664: [Incoming Orders] Program hangs when finding older product orders

Build (05-04-2017)
- 0003684: [RFQs] Forward quote factory start price shows in wrong currency
- 0003685: [RFQs] Some users report that program crashes/disappears when trying to view RFQ

Build (30-03-2017)
New features:
- 0003683: [RFQs] Copy detailed quote info to clipboard
- 0003679: [Work orders] Enlarge Qty spin edit in Create work order form
- 0003627: [RFQs] Forward quote should be updated to use new price engine
- 0003664: [Incoming Orders] Program hangs if search for product number not in the list
- 0003642: [Incoming Orders] Stencil products are hardcoded to Musen as manufacturer
- 0003641: [Incoming Orders] Preset currency
- 0003659: [Mixing] Fetch correct exchange rate to Mix Calculator
- 0003663: [RFQs] IPC class 2+ is not included when making RFQ from product
- 0003656: [Work orders] Display error with new line

Build (24-02-2017)
New features:
- 0003599: [RFQs] Upload engineering drawing to connector RFQ
- 0003602: [Other] Preselect currency for each company
- 0003595: [RFQs] On RFQ pdfs the text is misleading in case of panels
- 0003587: [RFQs] Need to be able to specify DAP or EXW on forwarded quote
- 0003586: [RFQs] Forward quote dialog is too tall for 768 pixel monitor
- 0003597: [RFQs] RFQ for connector - picture shows in background of RFQ frame

Build (07-12-2016)
- 0003571: [Production data] Datecode text missing from the downloaded files for production

Build (06-12-2016)
- 0003535: [Other] Notification emails to suppliers should contain product nu in subject
- 0003566: [Production data] Allow merging of hires colors
- 0003560: [Production data] Update to latest version of download module
- 0003490: [Status] QA checklist for test fixtures is wrong

Build (06-09-2016)
- 0003477: [Status] Cannot sign for shipped work orders

Build (05-09-2016)
- 0003476: [Status] Downloaded files are not processed properly

Build (02-09-2016)
- 0003465: [RFQs] Forward quote should not be enabled for fabricators
- 0003474: [RFQs] Product parameters are ignored on create RFQ without product

Build (24-08-2016)
- 0003461: [Status] Add support for test fixture products

Build (18-08-2016)
- 0003458: [RFQs] Include picture of product in RFQ and PO for OTS products
- 0003435: [RFQs] On RFQ tab, show the customer in requester column when viewed as office
- 0003459: [Status] Add support for "off-the-shelf" products
- 0003456: [Other] Error if login dialog open for more than 60 seconds

Build (18-04-2016)
- 0003356: [Production data] Add no x-outs to specifications text
- 0003361: [Status] Panel Builder: Insure that routing goes clockwise on outer contour

Build (05-04-2016)
- 0003354: [Status] Panel Builder: Routing and tab removal output

Build (16-03-2016)
-0003324: [Status] Tweaks and fixes to Panel Builder module
-0003325: [Work orders] Nominal thickness of 1080 prepreg changed to 70µm

Build (04-03-2016)
New features:
- 0003306: [Status] Add Panel Builder module
- 0003302: [Incoming Orders] Change default view/loaded items in Incomming orders
- 0003307: [RFQs] Use DHL China Norge curve for shipping in Forward Quote
- 0003292: [Work orders] Disallow manuf mark and No Cu shave should be read-only

Build (15-02-2016)
- 0003178: [Status] Additional info on packing list
- 0003271: [Status] If searched WO when signing, repeat search after sign
- 0003269: [Work orders] Support for performance class 2+
- 0003270: [Incoming Orders] Hide active orders
- 0003246: [Work orders] Add "cancel" possibility to price options custom dlg in Create WO from Quotation
- 0003254: [Work orders] DAP not passed on to PO even though chosen in WO
- 0003268: [Other] Shipped orders should not show red date on shipped orders

Build (06-01-2016)
- 0003177: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer should send email copy office
- 0003220: [Other] Show details check box should not be visible to manufacturer

Build (19-11-2015)
- 0003208: [Status] Improved messages if unable to download production data

Build (16-11-2015)
- 0003193: [Other] Add Beveled Edge and No Cu Shave as product specifications
- 0003194: [Production data] Shows messages for used for debugging when downloading files
- 0003191: [Production data] Error in downloading changed production files
- 0003190: [Production data] Some files with non standard file names missing from zip-files

Build (12-11-2015)
- 0003179: [Other] Add Ctrl+mouse click in any cell to copy contents to clip board
- 0003175: [Production data] Error in signing for mixes. Always denies manu download

Build (04-11-2015)
- 0003173: [Work orders] Show all product specs in Create Work Order dialog
- 0003172: [Production data] Downloading and approving file for manu-download gives false error if UL-mark is defined
- 0003174: [RFQs] Access violation on Forward Quote to ME user
- 0003171: [RFQs] IPC class 3 incorrectly selected for some products
- 0003170: [RFQs] Area not specified on Create RFQ from product
- 0003169: [RFQs] Access violation on Create RFQ without product

Build (03-11-2015)
New features:
- 0003164: [Other] Extended product specifications
- 0003163: [Other] Support for order options
- 0003126: [Other] Give intuitive filename for PO, Invoice, QA etc.
- 0003156: [RFQs] Forward quote: One-time prices do not update when changing currency