Macaos Perception

Macaos Perception Bruce Tue, 07/27/2010 - 08:27

Macaos Perception bridges the gap between Macaos Enterprise and Macaos Convergence. Designed to intuitively give a PCB reseller the insight necessary to manage and grow their sales, Macaos Perception seamlessly integrates the flow of information within a sales unit.

Macaos Perception is the cornerstone of our comprehensive support services for PCB manufacturers and resellers who have licensed Macaos Enterprise for distribution to their customers.

Release notes

Release notes Bruce Mon, 09/02/2013 - 11:08

Macaos Perception 1.5

Macaos Perception 1.5 Bruce Tue, 02/08/2022 - 12:21

Build (02-03-2022)
- 0004859: [Product] Add assembly comments to products
- 0004865: [Product] Can not view film product

Build (24-02-2022)
- 0004853: [ADM] Add Ctrl+D shortcut to search in Octopart search dialog
- 0004852: [ADM] Auto search when opening Octopart search if manufacturer and MPN specified
- 0004849: [ADM] Update product specs when closing ADM
- 0004848: [ADM] In Octopart search, check for manuf. name should not be case sensitive
- 0004846: [ADM] Layer visibility when showing instances
- 0004844: [ADM] Select component if exact match in Filter function
- 0004840: [ADM] Change Save button to OK in component editor
- 0004839: [Search] Add product name and order comments columns to shipping view
- 0004850: [ADM] When importing BOM, the original file does not get saved with the product
- 0004841: [ADM] If a space is found in Designator line - ADM will keep asking you if you want to use it as separator

Build (08-02-2022)
New features:
- 0004838: [Order] Renumber and regenerate order confirmation
- 0004837: [Order] Merge orders into single order
- 0004825: [Order] The ability to split incoming orders
- 0004813: [Quote] Allow attaching BOM file to quotation for assembly
- 0004823: [Product] ADM: Add designators to components report, and MPN to placement report
- 0003902: [Product] Changes to panel drawing
- 0004826: [Search] Add sent/rest columns to orders and shipments lists
- 0004819: [Search] Add icon for dormant products (and in wastebasket) in products list
- 0004818: [Order] Mark as shipped fails with "Unknown column CN" error
- 0004832: [Product] Some 0-layer stackups do not display properly in stackup chooser
- 0004814: [Product] ADM: Missing columns in BOM components and placement reports

Macaos Perception 1.4

Macaos Perception 1.4 Bruce Wed, 09/22/2021 - 11:04

Build (16-11-2021)
- 0004800: [Order] Set country of origin when marking a position as shipped

Build (30-09-2021)
- 0004787: [ADM] Select component in search dialog without changing search texts
- 0004786: [ADM] Button to expand only component level in component list
- 0004784: [Viewer] Show info on x-key snap placement
- 0004782: [ADM] Component layer is visible but the visibility checkbox is not checked
- 0004781: [ADM] Designator filter does not work
- 0004785: [Import] Range check error when selecting 10-layer stackup
- 0004783: [Import] Test pads bottom layer not saved if IPC file not automatically recognized
- 0004788: [OTS] Unknown property error in price element edit dialog

Build (28-09-2021)
New functionality:
- 0004780: [ADM] BOM Import: Exclude components from Equiv or better by designator
- 0004766: [ADM] Can not import BOM from file stored in product

Build (22-09-2021)
New features:
- 0004761: [Mail] New Mail viewer (use View|Show mailbox to enable)
- 0004765: [Product] Allow making variant of test fixture product
- 0004759: [Other] OTS Mgr: Limit file size for product image
- 0004762: [Search] Search list for invoices sums credit notes incorrectly
- 0004760: [Other] OTS Mgr: Category groupings for non-JILN connectors

Macaos Perception 1.3

Macaos Perception 1.3 Bruce Wed, 02/01/2017 - 13:02

Build (21-07-2021)
- 0004732: [Other] Remove m² and dm price columns from order summary
- 0004731: [Quote] Show valid days in quote viewer
- 0004733: [Statistics] Annual overview delivery chart should include next year
- 0004730: [Quote] Logo in quotations and order confirmations should be set correctly for each office

Build (30-06-2021)
- 0004715: [Product] Make it possible to change the number of days a quotation is valid
- 0004723: [Product] "Other" solder mask color does not load properly
- 0004717: [Product] Product specs does not display integrated test jig style
- 0004720: [Product] Style id incorrect after editing test jig

Build (17-06-2021)
- 0004694: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Automatically identify designator separator if comma, semicolon or space found
- 0004693: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Add additional Value columns
- 0004692: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Allow hyphen as valid designator character
- 0004691: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Allow marking caps/res as equivalent or better
- 0004690: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Clear all settings
- 0004689: [Product] ADM BOM Import: Search and replace in selected grid column
- 0004683: [Product] ADM Delete equiv or better, or all alternates
- 0004679: [Product] ADM It should be possible to un-mark a checked item from the popup menu
- 0004677: [Product] ADM Component search module short cut changed from Ctrl+O to Ctrl+D
- 0004706: [Product] Test fixture board center incorrectly displayed
- 0004695: [Product] ADM Some changes not saved when product saved
- 0004688: [Product] ADM Problem importing PnP from attached file
- 0004678: [Product] ADM Imported file stored in product is empty
- 0004676: [Product] ADM Hide components with BOM status approved does not work.
- 0004675: [Product] ADM Focus issue in component list

Build (06-05-2021)
- 0004666: [Product] ADM Add menu commands to expand/collapse selected item in list
- 0004665: [Product] ADM More options to hide components in list
- 0004664: [Product] ADM Allow designator ranges (C13-C25) in search
- 0004662: [Product] ADM Caption and icon changes to reduce confusion about approval and placement style
- 0004659: [Product] ADM make Price dialog sizeable
- 0004672: [Price] No text for supplier Elprint is available
- 0004667: [Product] ADM Unidentified "parts not found"
- 0004663: [Product] ADM Access violation importing PnP bottom data

Build (13-04-2021)
- 0004533: [ADM] Allow import of XLSX and ODS files for BOM
- 0004651: [ADM] Enable Swap Layer only when instance is selected
- 0004649: [ADM] Keyboard arrow button does not work in Edit boxes in edit component
- 0004648: [ADM] BOM Import: Supplier/SKU in single column does not display as expected
- 0004643: [ADM] Give unique description when creating component
- 0004639: [Product] Attached files on Mech part do not show in list

Build (23-03-2021)
New functionality:
- 0004634: [ADM] EMS: Function to automatically link to Octopart (if possible)
- 0004628: [ADM] Add separate functions to mark as approved for Placement/BOM
- 0004635: [ADM] Importing some PnP files does not work after Clear All
- 0004629: [Order] Can not edit prices for pallets

Build (16-03-2021)
New functionality:
- 0004626: [ADM] Clear all components
- 0004625: [ADM] Some rotations are incorrect when importing PnP from Altium
- 0004627: [ADM] Component counts not saved properly

Build (09-03-2021)
- 0004616: [Customer] Can not save changes to company info

Build (04-03-2021)
- 0004611: [Order] Edit price line. Prices are limited to only 3 digits before comma

Build (03-03-2021)
- 0004603: [ADM] Add "save settings" check box to Import BOM dialog
- 0004602: [ADM] Check that description and/or manuf part # column is specified
- 0004604: [ADM] Shortcut keys to view layers not working
- 0004601: [ADM] Error importing BOM in text/csv format
- 0004607: [Product] Wrong annular ring shown in certain situations
- 0004605: [Product] Can not open product containing ODB++ .tgz file

Build (16-02-2021)
- 0004591: [ADM] Add Test point as component class
- 0004577: [ADM] Option to ignore DNP components in price estimator
- 0004588: [ADM] PnP import scaling issue
- 0004584: [ADM] Last character ignored when editing cell in source BOM grid

Build (11-02-2021)
- 0004578: [Price] Range check error when getting prices

Build (10-02-2021)
New functionality:
- 0004573: [Product] Toggle product dormant status
- 0004489: [Quote] Make it possible to send quotation for assembly from MP
- 0004574: [Product] ADM: Tweaks and fixes as in ME 5.4
- 0004572: [Product] History button replaced with ADM button
- 0004575: [Statistics] Invoiced annual revenue is sometimes too large

Build (18-12-2020)
- 0004551: [Other] Tweaks to recent customers

Build (11-12-2020)
- 0004548: [Product] Can not edit prices if all prices are invalid and product is not board or stencil

Build (02-12-2020)
- 0004540: [Product] ADM Several tweaks and fixes

Build (19-11-2020)
New functionality:
- 0004437: [Product] ADM Mounting type column in BOM import
- 0004516: [Product] ADM BOM fields and sorting during import BOM
- 0004514: [Product] ADM Do not allow saving changes for shared products
- 0004480: [Product] ADM User experience tweaks
- 0004438: [Product] ADM Multiple Supplier/SKU columns in imported BOM
- 0004534: [Statistics] Add mech parts and assy to revenue/orders by product type in weekly report
- 0004522: [Product] ADM Problem importing PnP with missing values
- 0004529: [Product] ADM Choose fiducial mounting style

Build (10-11-2020)
- 0004526: [MIF] DNP component property not saved to cache
- 0004523: [Viewer] Copperfill is displayed incorrectly

Build (09-10-2020)
- 0004504: [ADM] Clarify rotation of bottom side components

Build (23-09-2020)
- 0004488: [Product] ADM: DNP attribute does not get saved to product file
- 0004479: [Product] Expand Create variant form when changing product type
- 0004478: [Product] ADM: In viewer if swapping between Product view and BOM view no items are visible in BOM
- 0004475: [Product] ADM does not appear to find parts when only one hit

Build (20-08-2020)
- 0004460: [Other] Cannot view pallet products
- 0004459: [Viewer] Thermal aperture does not display properly
- 0000000: [Viewer] Mech products do not show in viewer

Build (05-08-2020)
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - New Octopart API

Build (01-07-2020)
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - a few tweaks
- 0003997: [Product] Fixed problem with warning when changed stackup changes product type

Build (25-06-2020)
New features:
- 0004434: [Search] Search for products imported by Orcad->Macaos or by GbrJob
- 0004435: [Other] Count Orcad->Macaos purchases in current or previous month
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - swap layer, delete component

Build (23-06-2020)
New features:
- 0004425: [Product] Expand paint color specification modes
- 0004422: [Product] Make variant of mech product
- 0004426: [Search] Search for boards with assy data or non-board products by product type
- 0003997: [Product] Warning when changed stackup changes product type
- 0004431: [Product] Can not open solder pallet in viewer
- 0004429: [Product] Viewer does not display color of mech part
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - fixed problem saving data

Build (29-05-2020)
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - Export PnP, MST report, Group edit ops, Import DNP from BOM

Build (25-05-2020)
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager - several bug fixes

Build (19-05-2020)
New features:
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager component pricing module

Build (08-05-2020)
New features:
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager component search module

Build (30-04-2020)
New features:
- 0004415: [Product] Assembly Data Manager
- 0004396: [Macaos] Popup "Are you sure you want to send ME download info?" before sending
- 0004398: [Product] Special specification checkboxes are sometimes hidden

Build (18-12-2019)
New features:
- 0000000: [Other] Use Tools|Recent customers to generate list of e-mail addresses

Build (25-11-2019)
- 0004339: [Product] Not all chars of Surface finish is included in Order confirmation or quotations
- 0004338: [Other] Occasional AV
- 0004370: [Product] Variants sometimes created with new product number added to the old product NVPs
- 0004346: [Product] Flex stackups (1021) are not opened correctly in stackup editor
- 0004344: [Product] Can not read fresedim.txt file when product is in cache

Build (10-10-2019)
- 0004332: [Product] Add support for pallet products
- 0004328: [Product] Add warning when saving a rigid-flex product with 0 flex layers
- 0004312: [Product] Wrong message type on update stackup drawing
- 0004311: [Product] Customer popup comments should show in quote dialog
- 0004333: [Product] Cannot zoom in 3D viewer
- 0004326: [Product] AV when creating variant with different layer count
- 0004313: [Product] Copper thickness is sometimes shown wrong for special stackups

Build (12-08-2019)
- 0004298: [Product] Add variant for stencil products
- 0004295: [Product] Add "Special (see comment)" as mech part material

Build (02-07-2019)
- 0004287: [Order] Cannot create copy of order

Build (01-07-2019)
New features:
- 0004284: [Product] Create RFQ for assembly
- 0004280: [Product] Create order for assembly
- 0004253: [Order] Packing options not shown on options tab unless in Edit mode

Build (23-04-2019)
- 0004238: [Order] Use Waiting site icon for orders on wait
- 0004222: [Quote] Sellers name is not saved in the Quotations details dlg
- 0004204: [Quote] Specify Qty panels and boards for panel products when sending quotations with single qty/time
- 0004224: [Viewer] Show flex layers slightly wider in rigid-flex stackup
- 0004167: [Viewer] Add minimum feature functions to view mode menu
- 0004223: [Order] X-outs and UL-certified fabricator options are missing from the order options
- 0004241: [Product] Stackup thickness in OC/Quote for free builds should be nominal thickness
- 0004217: [Product] Can not add adhesive layer beside cover layer
- 0004207: [Product] Stackup drawing in PDF does not draw thin/flex boards

Build (27-02-2019)
- 0004198: [Order] Inconsistency in supplier lists for depanel fixtures
- 0004201: [Quote] Quotations for single qty/time is unclear
- 0004195: [Product] Cannot set "Not yet CAM" once a CAM person has been selected

Build (15-02-2019)
New features:
- 0004178: [Order] Always set supplier to Waiting when creating an order
- 0003941: [Order] Changes to Order confirmations and quotations sent from MP/MC
- 0004151: [Order] Campaign text shows #NL# instead of a new line
- 0003981: [Order] Improve stackup and material info of order confimations
- 0003992: [Product] Add material to stackup hint
- 0003988: [Product] Show CAM by for inactive salesperson
- 0004091: [Order] For non-PCB products the supplier lists are different in drop-down and popup
- 0004135: [Product] Selecting a Depanel product activates the save button
- 0004188: [Quote] Currency and exchange rate do not show properly
- 0004160: [Quote] Incorrect material description in quotation/OC
- 0004140: [Statistics] Query error in Customer summary

Build (11-10-2018)
- 0004070: [Other] Access violation when viewing mix

Build (08-10-2018)
- 0004051: [Product] Based on infomation is sometimes lost

Build (04-09-2018)
New features:
0004028: [Product] Add ability to add/edit BasedOn
0003966: [Product] Bugs when editing a flex stackup
0004022: [Product] Cover layer thickness not correct when editing

Build (06-08-2018)
- 0004018: [Product] AV when viewing mechanical part product

Build (30-07-2018)
- 0004015: [Product] Support for depanel fixture products
- 0004016: [Other] Updated viewer module

Build (09-05-2018)
New features:
- 0003963: [Product] Make it possible to delete stock from database
- 0003950: [Product] 1-layer MBB stackup does not load properly for editing

Build (12-04-2018)
- 0003938: [Order] Protect frame state is not included in the OC for stencil products
- 0003945: [Other] 1-layer MBB stackup does not show properly
- 0003923: [Search] Elprint Order# is hidden from Order search pane on program startup

Build (01-03-2018)
- 0003907: [Product] Color check box should not show when viewing mech part
- 0003892: [Product] Allow specifying CTI for custom dielectric material
- 0003541: [Product] Stackup viewer: Add display of blind an buried vias
- 0003906: [Price] Mech parts get painted price even with no color selected
- 0003890: [Price] PCB with special material not identified as having special material
- 0003901: [Product] Dielectric material shows incorrectly when editing custom stackup

Build (20-02-2018)
- 0003877: [Other] Caption missing from Machines folder in OTS product mgr
- 0003898: [Product] Load customer's previous builds in custom build editor
- 0003897: [Product] Custom build does not load into editor properly
- 0003875: [Product] When editing Stencil thickness, Save button is not activated

Build (08-02-2018)
- 0003880: [Product] Access violation when editing 1-layer stackup
- 0003881: [Viewer] Stackup viewer does not draw stackup when switching tabs

Build (07-02-2018)
- 0003831: [Order] Add Green partner Tech logo
- 0003815: [Order] Add Shenzhen Lexcent Tech. as supplier of plastic parts
- 0003784: [Other] Order Macaos licenses by active then MacId
- 0003869: [Order] OC with zero qty crashes server
- 0003800: [Order] Lexcent does not show in supplier list
- 0003861: [Product] Publisher gets changed when editing connector
- 0003846: [Product] Looking for Customer info for global product causes ME001 SQL error
- 0003841: [Product] Mouse wheel when viewing machine product causes errors

Build (22-08-2017)
New features:
- 0003764: [Statistics] Show total sales in NOK
- 0003763: [Statistics] Separate paste masks from other in products stats

Build (09-06-2017)
- 0003726: [Search] Status bar hints have corrupt text
- 0003728: [Order] Shipping price for unaccompanied stencils added to stencil price
- 0003727: [Order] Cannot view internal invoice

Build (30-05-2017)
New features:
- 0003708: [Other] Add menu command to easily add/change price of connector
- 0003689: [Order] Add warning if trying to send Preliminary Order Confirmation
- 0003680: [Order] Round off prices
- 0003691: [Quote] pdf quotations/order conf should contain info of alu boards
- 0003707: [Customer] Newline not properly shown in customer followup dialog

Build (23-03-2017)
New features:
- 0003677: [Product] Add support for mechanical part products
- 0003429: [Quote] Add cover lay and stiffener T/B to quotes and OCs for flex/RF boards
- 0003434: [Product] Make product viewer show product view tab when opening form
- 0003675: [Quote] Some users report difficulty selecting qtys/days due to font size
- 0003661: [Quote] Colors/Finishes not correctly constrained if mode is in-list/not-in-list
- 0003657: [Quote] Price for product differs before and after getting price with free specs

Build (28-02-2017)
New features:
- 0003531: [Order] add possibility to set factory and customer date for all positions in order
- 0003625: [Quote] ME shopping basket should not be visible
- 0003610: [Order] Board weight shows 1000x too large before saving order
- 0003612: [Product] Product nr does not show in Edit share dialog
- 0003628: [Product] Cannot add new price to OTS product

Build (01-02-2017)
- 0003570: [Quote] Do not show product number in quote with free specs
- 0003603: [Order] Round off prices
- 0003594: [Order] Show entire product description for connectors (and other OTS products)
- 0003592: [Order] Order confirmations. Truncate long texts
- 0003608: [Order] Adding multiple positions to an order gives wrong warning about currency
- 0003562: [Order] OST and test equipment does not have a weight
- 0003606: [Quote] Error calculations when editing prices
- 0003591: [Search] Save button gets activated

Build (26-01-2017)
New features:
- 0003216: [Order] Add interface to edit office/manufacturer holidays
- 0003374: [Price] It should be possible to order a product even if no price is available
[Order] New price engine supports flexible pricing for non-board products
[Order] Changes to Quotation dialog user interface
[Order] Exchange rates in Tools|Sales office settings
[Quote] Double-click on price to view price breakdown details
- 0003550: [Viewer] Add status text to see if the view is mirrored or rotated

Macaos Perception 1.2

Macaos Perception 1.2 Bruce Mon, 10/05/2015 - 15:47

Build (21-11-2016)
New features:
- 0003537: [Order] Factory price should be included with order for OTS product
- 0003538: [Product] OTS product mgr should support sorting products into subcategories
- 0003532: [Product] Add more icons to product specifications cell
- 0003529: [Product] Wrong min hole size when creating variant
- 0003526: [Product] drill table missing

Build (02-11-2016)
- 0003523: [Statistics] Add test equipment and connectors to product types
- 0003511: [Quote] Wrong product in quote module

Build (13-09-2016)
- 0003486: [Product] Cannot sort by columns in OTS manager browser tree
- 0003479: [Product] OTS product image should show in product viewer module
- 0003485: [Order] Editing position changes supplier to waiting prepaid
- 0003480: [Order] Elprint China does not display in Supplier text box when supplier for position

Build (22-08-2016)
New features:
- 0003448: [Product] Generate quotation for OTS product
- 0003450: [Product] Warn that ordered product may not be deleted
- 0003439: [Product] OTS manager: Product weight does not get saved/restored

Build (04-08-2016)
- 0003434: [Product] Make product viewer show product view tab when opening form
- 0003437: [Price] Surface finish cost not correctly calculated in some cases

Build (26-07-2016)
- 0003430: [Order] Orders for SW-Mix shows Brandner in JO, MC and MP icon in order search
- 0003421: [Order] Placing orders for panels adds No x-outs order comment
- 0003432: [Product] Add blind/buried vias to prod specs icons
- 0003422: [Product] For 152795, it's not possible to change product type
- 0003423: [Quote] Quote with no X-out not shown as being with no X-out
- 0003424: [Order] Wrong product type icons when adding products to an order

Build (21-06-2016)
- 0003407: [Product] It should not be possible to create or copy connector products
- 0003390: [Product] Annular ring edit box changes entered value
- 0003413: [Quote] When viewing a quote for free specs, the product number is shown
- 0003408: [Search] It is not possible to search for OTS products

Build (30-05-2016)
- 0003388: [Order] OC does not display No X-Out
- 0003383: [Order] Various bugs in MP

Build (13-05-2016)
- 0003382: [Product] Add support for EU tariff code in OTS products

Build (09-05-2016)
New features:
- 0003370: [Product] Press P to open cursor position dialog in viewer
- 0003359: [Quote] Push edited quotations to database
- 0003368: [Order] IPC-1601 defaults to True
- 0003369: [Order] Quotation module claims that IPC2 orders can not get IPC3 price

Build (06-05-2016)
New features:
- 0003367: [Other] Off-the-shelf product manager
- 0003358: [Quote] Change specs for quote bug

Build (29-03-2016)
- 0003343: [Order] The new extra options are not shown in OC
- 0003340: [Order] Changing Sold By or Manuf. by popup menu on position does not update the forms controls
- 0003344: [Quote] Round off prices for quotations

Build (14-03-2016)
- 0003311: [Order] Order area and weight is wrong in some cases

Build (04-03-2016)
- 0003286: [Product] Change the product type icon when it is edited
- 0003287: [Macaos] Pricelists, discount. Can't set discount to negative
- 0003288: [Quote] Can't set negative discount in Quotation spin edit

Build (16-02-2016)
- 0003277: [Search] Add a What's new item in the help menu
- 0003278: [Product] Unable to edit stackup
- 0003280: [Order] Copy of OC not sent to sales office

Build (12-02-2016)
- 0003261: [Order] It should be possible when creating an order to search for products not owned by the orderby company
- 0003275: [Search] When a search returns no hits, popup a message
- 0003258: [Order] Supplier name not shown in Supplier field for price list 15
- 0003253: [Product] Save button gets activated when clicking rapidly on different products
- 0003251: [Product] It's not possible in Product search to find a Global product
- 0003245: [Product] Looks like not public stackups has been hidden in the edit stackup
- 0003255: [Quote] Order options do not show in quotation viewer
- 0003263: [Search] search gives sql error if nothing selected in compare combo box

Build (30-11-2015)
- 0003217: [Product] Add hole density and min hole-to-Cu clearance to board statistics
- 0003212: [Quote] Quote viewer shows price list icon, even if price is NA
- 0003214: [Product] Stencil reduction does not get written to the NVPs

Build (24-11-2015)
- 0003211: [Quote] Access violation when viewing quotation

Build (19-11-2015)
- 0003186: [Customer] On merging company, add Macaos User Id to the company comment
- 0003203: [Product] Add Beveled Edge and No Cu Shave product specifications
- 0003206: [Search] Newlines in Address column of search grid show as ##_13_10##
- 0003201: [Order] Show customer number in select contact person dialog
- 0003200: [Order] Price line description sometimes is Product rather than CARD
- 0003162: [Order] Quotation: Setting board price to 0 give 0 division error
- 0003176: [Product] Create product variant does not set min through hole size
- 0003137: [Product] Order comment or product comment does not work for OC

Build (12-10-2015)
- 0003154: [Product] Show buildup details as hint of Stackup label
- 0003152: [Order] SQL error when adding position to existing order
- 0003153: [Order] Area and weight do not display properly in Order tree

Build (05-10-2015)
New features:
- 0003130: [Order] Incoterm possibilites: DDP, DAP, Ex Works
- 0003120: [Order] Add Vacuum pack size as order option
- 0003090: [Order] Add support for order options
- 0003078: [Order] Add possibility to save packing list (pdf) from packing list popup
- 0003091: [Product] Add support for additional product types
- 0003089: [Product] Add additional product properties
- 0003143: [Search] Right-click to show recent orders/products for company
- 0003138: [Search] Ctrl+click in any cell should copy the cell contents to clipboard
- 0003119: [Macaos] When creating new user, copy as much info from exising user as possible
- 0003093: [Quote] On quotations for panel products, make the qty more clear
- 0003092: [Quote] Add info to email text/subject for quotations sent to customers
- 0003106: [Order] When placing orders, the contact persons are not gray if inactive
- 0003088: [Order] Divide by zero error if board qty is zero
- 0003087: [Order] Stackup thicknesses are incorrect in OrderConf if 1-layer lam thick

Macaos Perception 1.1

Macaos Perception 1.1 Bruce Wed, 02/18/2015 - 12:03

Build (13-08-2015)
- 0003087: [Order] Stackup thicknesses wrong if 1-layer lam thick<Cu thick
- 0003102: [General] Compatible with extended product type IDs

Build (18-06-2015)
- 0003060: [Macaos] After sending a users login info, Copy login info is incorrect
- 0003034: [Customer] Followup history does not clear when clearing customer

Build (12-03-2015)
- 0003023: [Search] Add markup column to orders summary
- 0003021: [Quote] Office name and address may be wrong after viewing first quotation

Build (18-02-2015)
New features:
- 0002980: [Customer] Customer followup feature
- 0002954: [Customer] Add DHL acct no as type
- 0002953: [Order] "Confirm email" to have a fixed email address for OC's for each company
- 0002952: [Order] It should be possible to choose EXW (Ex Works) as a shipping terms option (rather than DDP)
- 0003010: [Statistics] Add statistics for published products to weekly report
- 0002992: [Macaos] Limit the number of enities loaded for user statistics
- 0003009: [Order] When clicking on ShipTo or Invoice hyperlink, select contact person as well as address
- 0002941: [Order] Subject line in OC mail should include board name
- 0002988: [Order] Weight of an order changes upon saving order details in rare cases
- 0002981: [Customer] Merge company does not clear macaos company link from "old" company
- 0002997: [Search] Surface specifications is wrong for Non Rohs HASL in Order list
- 0002963: [Order] OC: Product comments are included for all stencil products
- 0002986: [Search] Some surface finishes show incorrectly in icons/tooltips

Macaos Perception 1.0

Macaos Perception 1.0 Bruce Mon, 09/02/2013 - 11:10

Build (22-10-2014)
New features:
- 0002929: [Product] Show more company info when changing product owner
- 0002876: [Product] Product publisher name and cert docs should show in product history
- 0002887: [Order] Supplier list - sorting and filter as in Convergence

Build (21-08-2014)
- 0002846: [Quote] Uncheck No-X out when disabling it for non-panel products
- 0002845: [Status] Updated Gerber reader/writer to Gerber revision J3
- 0002830: [Viewer] Pick and Place data is not correctly cached in some cases
- 0002842: [Viewer] Graphical error when displaying corner tabs on sides with zero frame width

Build (23-07-2014)
New features:
- 0002789: [Order] Add Countersink holes as parameter in OC
- 0002832: [Search] Should be able to copy list to clipboard on search and stats lists
- 0002801: [Macaos] Save button is not activated when editing a Macaos user
- 0002790: [Quote] Peeloff is NO even when peeloff bottom is checked
- 0002829: [Search] Trim the pasted text before performing a search

Build (24-06-2014)
New features:
- 0002774: [Order] It should be possible to change qty shipped on delivery order line
- 0002781: [Product] Support for Gerber files with RS-274X2 file attributes
- 0002773: [Product] Inactive surface finishes unavailable in quote dialog

Build (19-05-2014)
- 0002750: [Other] "Unexpected Class ID encountered: CTMifPoint" when viewing new mixes

Build (24-04-2014)
New features:
- 0002753: [Quote] Product's @OC params are shown in quote dialog
- 0002688: [Product] Show customer's custom stackups in stackup chooser
- 0002755: [Product] Stackup thickness/material does not display in quotation

Build (02-04-2014)
- 0002731: [Product] Cannot edit custom stackup with non-standard prepreg combination
- 0002739: [Quote] Improved display of quotes forwarded from MC

Build (27-03-2014)
New features:
- 0002717: [General] Add help text for @OC comment parameters
- 0002721: [General] Add icons for Huason, MIM 1 and MIM
- 0002687: [Order] Orders placed on price list 15 (SW-Mix) show as production site Brandner
- 0002690: [Product] Update varlist id=11 when changeing board specs
- 0002707: [Product] In Edit product, don't disable the Comment button
- 0002718: [Order] Clicking "order history" in Product tab on a product not belonging to you office, won't show order history
- 0002716: [Order] Order confirmation: @OC product comments do not work as expected
- 0002695: [Macaos] SQL error if user has not published any products

Build (28-02-2014)
New features:
- 0002686: [General] Allow hiding editor pane

Build (26-02-2014)
- 0002683: [General] Show list count in history lists of detail panes
- 0002679: [Customer] Context menu items should not be enabled when list is empty
- 0002668: [Order] Position summary bar cell widths do not match tree cell widths
- 0002682: [Search] Product list Owner/Publ columns don't change detail pane as expected
- 0002684: [Statistics] Customer summary copy to clipboard and summary bar include hidden items

Build (28-01-2014)
- 0002631: [General] Add option to disable showing/loading todays orders on startup
- 0002635: [Search] Should not initiate search when changing compare by dropdown list
- 0002636: [Order] Warn after deleting price line to regenerate OC
- 0002634: [Customer] In Company info tab, in the Macaos list, add "Send download info" to popup menu
- 0002650: [Statistics] Add post code column to Macaos statistics
- 0002651: [Statistics] Weekly report should be shown in office's currency rather than NOK
- 0002639: [Search] Search on company returns all companies
- 0002649: [Statistics] Macaos Statistics does not give correct activity quantities if start/end dates are the same
- 0002652: [Statistics] Conversion from NOK to office's currency is calculated wrong in Annual Overview and Office Overview

Build (14-01-2014)
New features:
- 0002621: [Search] Additional ways to search for shipped orders
- 0002625: [Order] Adding stencil product to basket closes dialog
- 0002627: [Search] Shipments: Add production site column
- 0002629: [Search] Warn if searching for a number or product number when search text is invalid
- 0002626: [Search] When searching for a product belonging to another office, it should show all details

Build (23-12-2013)
New features:
- 0002611: [Viewer] Ctrl+Alt+Click on hole to open padstack viewer
- 0002607: [Viewer] Allow rotate view to rotate 0/90/180/360 degrees
- 0002606: [Viewer] Add vertical scroll bar to help tab in layer list
- 0002599: [Viewer] Allow toggle between normal and cross-hair cursor
- 0002594: [Viewer] Show product specs and tool list for mixes
- 0002601: [Order] Warning text does not display properly when trying to save order
- 0002610: [Product] Product specs not updated in quote dialog after edit/save

Build (06-12-2013)
New features:
- 0002593: [General] Add "Change campaign text"
- 0002596: [Order] Expanded capabilities for order confirmations
- 0002489: [Viewer] For multi-product panels, show Product number layer
- 0002242: [Viewer] Make screendump from Viewer directly
- 0002190: [Viewer] Mirror and/or rotate view

Build (29-11-2013)
New features:
- 0002589: [Order] Create vacuum package in Mark As Shipped
- 0002582: [Order] When making quotation, discount factor should be shown from customer's price lists
- 0002565: [Order] Make it possible to change Sold by in the context menu for the order
- 0002587: [Search] Search for customers by post code
- 0002583: [Statistics] Add filtering to Macaos Licenses in Statistics window
- 0002590: [General] Do not embed fonts in Order Conf or Quotation PDFs. Right-click on button to embed fonts
- 0002581: [Order] Show time in timestamp column
- 0002586: [Order] Incorrect newline in order confirmation
- 0002585: [Order] New button in wrong position
- 0002564: [Order] Order currency does not match quotation currency if non-standard currency chosen in quotation
- 0002568: [Search] Filter with article# doesn't work
- 0002567: [Search] Filter shows the wrong product after paste

Build (24-10-2013)
New features:
- 0002531: [Order] Extract an invoice page and mail it to the customer in one operation
- 0002551: [Product] List of tool diameters added to product viewer
- 0002530: [Search] The invoice search should have hyperlink(s) to the applicable order/position(s)
- 0002529: [Order] Do not allow replace product if some position info is missing
- 0002555: [Viewer] Drill sizes missing from very old products
- 0002554: [Viewer] Buried via layers not shown as drill layers

Build (27-09-2013)
- 0002498: [Order] Do not pre-select supplier if unknown
- 0002499: [Search] Add icons for Ronghui and Multilayer
- 0002494: [Search] Add factory name in hint for Factory column
- 0002488: [Search] In search pane, Shipments, add link to track and trace for tracking numbers
- 0002487: [Search] Add more info about shipments for each product in the mix viewer
- 0002507: [Order] Some info not displayed when adding a position to an order
- 0002515: [Product] Cannot locate target company when changing product owner
- 0002501: [Product] Multi-word folder names are displayed incorrectly

Build (06-09-2013)
- 0002484: [General] On Customer stat pane, it's not possible to use the filter function of search pane
- 0002486: [Order] Filename missing when attaching stackup drawing to order confirmation
- 0002485: [Statistics] Stats pane, Orders tab, kr/dm2 column does not summarize properly

Build (05-09-2013)
- 0002479: [General] Do not automatically load product history/stock lists
- 0002477: [Order] Do not show OC on Save order
- 0002478: [Product] Do not ask for confirmation if "Not yet CAM" selected
- 0002476: [Order] Comment button does not work
- 0002480: [Search] Search check box states for Order searches get changed by Shipments searches

Build (03-09-2013)
New features:
- 0002247: [Order] When sending OC's add possibility to add paste data
- 0002474: [Search] It should be possible to filter a search results list by a date range
- 0002464: [Product] Prefill article and description when making product variant
- 0002465: [Product] Fusion mixes do not show in Mix history list
- 0002466: [Product] Product info missing from TOC in Layout document set when sent with quotation
- 0002472: [Search] Switching search pane when in Customer stats pane causes invalid date error
- 0002475: [Search] Divide by zero error if summarizing empty search list
- 0002473: [Statistics] Customer Summary filtering does not always update

Build (21-08-2013)
New features:
- 0002383: [Search] Company, Products: Add "order history" hyperlink
- 0002438: [Search] Company: Search for company by customer or VAT number
- 0002401: [Search] In stats pane Customer tab, add address field
- 0002402: [Search] Company: indicate if a company has several departments
- 0002422: [Search] Orders: Add hyperlink to mix viewer
- 0002454: [Search] Orders: Add stackup and specifications columns
- 0002456: [Search] Customer: clicking Macaos company should load Macaos details
- 0002043: [Order] Add detailed stackup in order confirmation
- 0002425: [Order] Add context menu "Viewer" to order lines
- 0002458: [Order] Show estimated weight in position lines
- 0002388: [Product] View/save layout drawing set
- 0002453: [Product] Make variant of product
- 0002415: [General] Too many click to refresh lists
- 0002423: [General] When in Edit mode, make CTRL+S save the changes or CTRL+R reset edit mode
- 0002413: [Order] "Hidden price mod" or "Price mod hidden"
- 0002420: [Order] In order confirmations, Quantity for eg. Panel stepping is 0. Should be 1
- 0002437: [Product] It's not possible to change number of layers in stackup selection
- 0002403: [Search] If in stat pane-Customer tab, when selecting a different search pane-tab, load/update info
- 0002414: [Search] The filter function does not update when checking checkboxes or clearing search text
- 0002392: [Macaos] If a Macaos user is inactive, you can't send download info or copy log in to clip brd
- 0002395: [Order] If Change supplier menu is opened, but nothing is chosen, then supplier gets set to Waiting-Prepaid
- 0002412: [Order] Right click below the position detail items in the eltree causes Access violation
- 0002394: [Product] Stackup drawing and documentation set do not get attached to quotation mail
- 0002405: [Product] Non-public surface finishes do not show properly
- 0002406: [Product] Product checkboxes do not work (peel-off and scoring)

Build (14-06-2013)
New features:
- 0002318: [General] Add new company search functionallity
- 0002319: [General] Add filter functionality to history lists
- 0002329: [Order] Add right-click function to change shipment date without having to go in edit modes
- 0002367: [Order] "Add new position(s) job overview" check box when placing an order
- 0002332: [Product] Add calculations to edit boxes for drill count
- 0002338: [Product] Make it possible to unmark as panelized by office
- 0002355: [Product] Pre-select recipient for quotation email
- 0002333: [Search] Right-click on a line in search list (product/order/ship/quote) to copy product number
- 0002374: [Search] Add more info to the top right product list. Surface and icons for non standard colors, gold, scoring etc
- 0002380: [Search] Allow filtering of search lists
- 0002377: [Search] Do not make auto-search
- 0002327: [Order] Stencil orders should be set to Musen Laser as supplier
- 0002328: [Order] Supplier list should be sorted as it is in MC, with the most used suppliers first
- 0002352: [Order] Pre-select shipping method by sales office
- 0002375: [Order] Weeks in DatePicker (From factory/to customer) starts with Sunday instead of Monday
- 0002376: [Order] When placing orders Customer and Factory dates must be set to the same date
- 0002342: [Search] Quotation list price list column is missing header text
- 0002346: [Search] Panelized single board has wrong product icon
- 0002325: [Customer] Bottom Customer tab should not re-load data when tab becomes active
- 0002326: [Order] In edit positions, the save button is not activated if ship date is changed
- 0002330: [Order] Stencil orders get "Non UL fab. accepted" as order comment
- 0002337: [Order] Price details are shown incorrectly
- 0002354: [Order] Cancel freight while in edit mode fails and deletes the order
- 0002369: [Order] Order Save button should not be enabled when in Edit mode for Position
- 0002351: [Product] More|Change Owner does nothing