Program overview

The Macaos Enterprise main window consists of three main elements: an icon bar (top), a product explorer (left) and product details (right). The Icon Bar is used to access additional modules. These include:

  • The Import module is used to load Gerber and drill files and create (publish) a PCB product which is visible in the product explorer.
  • The Panel module is used to step up one or more PCB product(s) into a panel (array) suitable for automated assembly, and publish it to the product explorer.
  • The Stencil module is used to create a solder paste stencil product and publish it to the product explorer.
  • The Buy module is used to get prices and order the product selected in the product explorer.
  • The RFQ for Assembly module is used to request quotations from participating EMS providers.
  • The Add Masks module is used to add peel-off or other masks to a product after it has been published. This module is only available in the Pro version of Macaos Enterprise.
  • The Partner Manager and User Manager are used to manage contact info and partner relationships.

Product explorer

The Product explorer allows you to find and organize your company's products. The upper portion lists your product folders and the lower portion lists the products in the selected folder. In addition to the standard folders, you can create your own folders and subfolders to organize products however you wish.

Product details

Product details are shown in three tabs.

The Product info tab displays product properties. These include the product name, article number and description; board specifications, minimum tolerances, and board statistics. The board stackup is displayed as a diagram. Right-click on the diagram to view/save the stackup as a PDF document.

The Product view tab displays the product graphically. The check boxes in the layer list control which layers are visible. Right-click on a layer name to change the display color for that layer. The new color will be used for that layer throughout Macaos Enterprise. The current cursor position and board size are displayed below the file list.

To pan: right-click at the new center point, or right-click and drag horizontally or vertically. To zoom in: right-click and drag up to the right to select the desired region. To zoom out: right-click and drag down to the left. To zoom-to-fit: right-click and drag up to the left. The Help tab displays a quick reference for pan and zoom commands.

When no operational mode is selected, clicking and dragging with the left mouse button displays the distance from the clicked point to the mouse cursor. Press Ctrl+U to toggle between inch and mm display.

In some cases, a file list appears below the layer list. These are product data and documentation files which you may view or download. Double-click on a file to view it. Right-click on a file to save it. Right-click on the list to add a document to the product.

The Product history tab lists the order history and production history for the selected product. For each order, the relevant numbers and dates are shown. Clicking on an order number opens a PDF viewer displaying the order confirmation. Clicking on an underlined shipment tracking number opens a web browser with shipment tracking info, if available. Clicking on an underlined pack list number displays shipment details.