Macaos Enterprise 4.5

Build (12-06-2018)
- 0003977: [Import] Error in estimating min. hole-cu distance
- 0003976: [Import] Drill parser fails on block with M08M30
- 0003965: [Import] Via protection layer missing after publish
- 0003962: [Import] Drill files do not link to correct Gerber X2 drill depths
- 0003974: [Panelization] Frame objects sometimes placed within boards
- 0003973: [Panelization] plated slot diameter rounded up after panalization

Build (07-05-2018)
- 0003961: [Other] Require users to confirm privacy policy (GDPR confirmation)
- 0003951: [Product browser] Always shows legend color in product browser after restart
- 0003956: [Import] Automatic feature estimations fail for outer layers
- 0003957: [Price] Customer RFQ gets wrong order type if product is not PCB

Build (23-04-2018)
- 0003918: [Import] Select user-defined stackup material from CircuitData database
- 0003949: [Import] Symmetric stackup gets warning about not symmetric
- 0003946: [Import] Can not set nominal thickness to 50µm
- 0003940: [Import] Can not specify dielectric thickness for 1-layer MBB
- 0003747: [Panelization] A few issues with scratch elements in panels
- 0003935: [Stencil] Can not open Gerber file
- 0003936: [Test fixture] Allow test pin pitch of 1.25mm for R50 pins

Build (21-03-2018)
- 0003928: [Import] Can not specify number of different products in panel
- 0003930: [Stencil] Access violation when publishing stencil

Build (19-03-2018)
- 0003912: [Price] Supplier list too wide relative to dialog width
- 0003925: [Stencil] When adding stencils to partners the company name was not written on the stencil
- 0003913: [Import] Problems defining custom stackup for 1-layer MBB
- 0003914: [Import] Layer-specific matl does not load properly when editing custom stackup
- 0003916: [Panelization] Inner layer names incorrect when layer count=10
- 0003924: [Price] Prices in Panel module do not always manage start costs properly
- 0003896: [Price] Order options missing when creating RFQ from no price
- 0003926: [Stencil] Loading outline data from gerberfile caused access violation
- 0003919: [Stencil] Cannot select frame from Data
- 0003819: [Stencil] Delete stencil objects, sometimes deletes other objects than the ones selected

Build (28-02-2018)
- 0003907: [Product browser] Color check box should not show when viewing mech part
- 0003856: [Viewer] Show drill depths in stackup viewer
- 0003903: [Import] AutoContour selects too large tool for outer contour with notches
- 0003901: [Import] Dielectric material shows incorrectly when editing custom stackup
- 0003889: [Import] Multi-quadrant arc slots in excellon file incorrectly imported
- 0003887: [Import] Remark layer missing from imported product
- 0003900: [Other] Unable to select company when sales office publishes panel
- 0003895: [Panelization] Rigid board with outer rout diameter < 1mm causes program to crash
- 0003906: [Price] Mech parts get painted price even with no color selected

Build (19-02-2018)
- 0003892: [Import] Allow specifying CTI for custom dielectric material definition
- 0003849: [Price] Allow adding comment when creating an RFQ from quotation
- 0003893: [Other] Set FeatureBrowserEmulation registry key
- 0003894: [Other] Very small files get corrupted when extracting from zip
- 0003890: [Price] PCB with special material not identified as having special material

Build (12-02-2018)
- 0003888: [Import] Min rout dia not always rounded properly
- 0003886: [Import] Access violation when defining custom stackup
- 0003882: [Import] Can not add STEP file to mech part product
- 0003883: [Viewer] Keyboard shortcuts for the 3d viewer do not work

Build (08-02-2018)
- 0003880: [Import] Access violation when publishing 1-layer product
- 0003879: [Stencil] Can not publish stencil without fiducials
- 0003881: [Viewer] Stackup viewer does not draw stackup when switching tabs

Build (07-02-2018)
New functionality:
- 0003857: [Import] Import board specs from Gerber .gbrjob file
- 0003853: [Import] Additional material choices for mech parts
- 0003801: [Import] Allow for refresh of import files
- 0001710: [Import] Improved support for flex/flex-rigid stackups
- 0003798: [Other] Add support for paint color for mech part products
- 0003766: [Stencil] Macaos options for stencil: coated, polish
- 0003873: [Import] Unsupported PnP file
- 0003868: [Import] Unsupported PnP file
- 0003783: [Panelization] Easy exchange of x/y placement of objects
- 0003858: [Price] Quotations for connector products do not include the product drawing
- 0003867: [Product browser] When showing a product in viewer re-download files and info and update viewer upon Refresh
- 0003836: [Product browser] Add "# products in shoping cart" to icon
- 0003828: [Product browser] Connectors should be visible to all user's in publisher's company
- 0003804: [Product browser] Machines should be a separate product type/folder
- 0003790: [Product browser] Add settings for display of folders
- 0003859: [Test fixture] When selecting a different jig or fixture style do an automatic re-draw
- 0003837: [Viewer] When showing top/bottom side of a flex board, show coverlayer also
- 0003871: [Import] Min buried diameter not calculated for ODB++ jobs
- 0003870: [Import] Blind and buried via files are lost on publish from ODB++ files
- 0003863: [Import] Unlinking files fails
- 0003852: [Import] Eagle PnP file not recognized if field contains space
- 0003842: [Import] Slots in drill/milling files not visible when viewing -single file
- 0003829: [Import] Error in contour file generation
- 0003827: [Import] Access violation on close program after importing mech part
- 0003838: [Order] Shipping/handling costs are added to order twice
- 0003864: [Other] Add peel-off with Duplicate pads does not work
- 0003854: [Other] Error in reading files in some cases
- 0003850: [Panelization] Some specs are not correctly updated when publishing
- 0003835: [Panelization] Problem with polygon intersection detection
- 0003862: [Price] Wrong stencil price when order placed
- 0003872: [Viewer] Unable to locate file when adding file to product
- 0003865: [Viewer] Access violation, when doing a mouse scroll before date is loaded into a viewer