Macaos Enterprise 5.0

Macaos Enterprise 5.0 bruce Mon, 03/14/2016 - 10:40

Build (15-10-2018)
- 0004068: [Panel] Add scroll bar to info pane
- 0004072: [Import] Unable to view negative copper layers
- 0004071: [Import] Layer panes in custom build designer do not scale height properly
- 0004057: [Import] Files marked Not Used shouldn't be included in product data
- 0004059: [Panel] When screen resolution is low, it is not possible to make panels
- 0004074: [Viewer] Toggle layer view for negative layers doesn't work

Build (08-10-2018)
New functionality:
- 0003910: [Depanel] Depanelizer module
- 0003915: [Import] Allow defining "missing" layer in custom stackup
- 0003971: [Panel] Specify panel outer dimensions
- 0003631: [Panel] Allow placing tooling holes/fiducials relative to panel center
- 0003972: [Product browser] Allow modifying additional parameters on create variant
- 0003978: [Viewer] Show minimum copper to unplated edge clearance in viewer
- 0003983: [Other] Improve explanation of Move Macaos to new PC
- 0003982: [Other] Use more consistent look/feel across all modules
- 0003979: [Other] Expanded connection manager
- 0004020: [Import] Highlight selected contour object
- 0003960: [Import] Show Symbols layer when showing top/bottom layers
- 0004007: [Panel] Instance spacing should not be reset when changing instance count
- 0003955: [Panel] Automatically add product batch number to panel frame if not placed on original board
- 0004002: [Product browser] When saving data in Assembly module, refresh the product when exit
- 0003999: [Product browser] When having published a product, go to Recently published folder
- 0003989: [Stencil] Automatically convert simple polygons to flash pads
- 0004031: [Import] Stackup sets the flex / rigid-flex style incorrectly
- 0004021: [Import] Primitives in Gerber macros are rotated around the wrong origin
- 0004017: [Import] Previously used stackups do not show in custom build editor
- 0003985: [Import] Inner layers not listed in correct order
- 0004006: [Panel] Panel believes straight edge is round and makes circular outline
- 0003996: [Panel] Panel report does not support fiducials with cross shape
- 0003990: [Product browser] Inactive colors surface finish will not show in products