Macaos Convergence 2.0

Build (22-06-2017)
- 0003740: [Work orders] Add support for mechanical part products
- 0003664: [Incoming Orders] Program hangs when finding older product orders

Build (05-04-2017)
- 0003684: [RFQs] Forward quote factory start price shows in wrong currency
- 0003685: [RFQs] Some users report that program crashes/disappears when trying to view RFQ

Build (30-03-2017)
New features:
- 0003683: [RFQs] Copy detailed quote info to clipboard
- 0003679: [Work orders] Enlarge Qty spin edit in Create work order form
- 0003627: [RFQs] Forward quote should be updated to use new price engine
- 0003664: [Incoming Orders] Program hangs if search for product number not in the list
- 0003642: [Incoming Orders] Stencil products are hardcoded to Musen as manufacturer
- 0003641: [Incoming Orders] Preset currency
- 0003659: [Mixing] Fetch correct exchange rate to Mix Calculator
- 0003663: [RFQs] IPC class 2+ is not included when making RFQ from product
- 0003656: [Work orders] Display error with new line

Build (24-02-2017)
New features:
- 0003599: [RFQs] Upload engineering drawing to connector RFQ
- 0003602: [Other] Preselect currency for each company
- 0003595: [RFQs] On RFQ pdfs the text is misleading in case of panels
- 0003587: [RFQs] Need to be able to specify DAP or EXW on forwarded quote
- 0003586: [RFQs] Forward quote dialog is too tall for 768 pixel monitor
- 0003597: [RFQs] RFQ for connector - picture shows in background of RFQ frame

Build (07-12-2016)
- 0003571: [Production data] Datecode text missing from the downloaded files for production

Build (06-12-2016)
- 0003535: [Other] Notification emails to suppliers should contain product nu in subject
- 0003566: [Production data] Allow merging of hires colors
- 0003560: [Production data] Update to latest version of download module
- 0003490: [Status] QA checklist for test fixtures is wrong

Build (06-09-2016)
- 0003477: [Status] Cannot sign for shipped work orders

Build (05-09-2016)
- 0003476: [Status] Downloaded files are not processed properly

Build (02-09-2016)
- 0003465: [RFQs] Forward quote should not be enabled for fabricators
- 0003474: [RFQs] Product parameters are ignored on create RFQ without product

Build (24-08-2016)
- 0003461: [Status] Add support for test fixture products

Build (18-08-2016)
- 0003458: [RFQs] Include picture of product in RFQ and PO for OTS products
- 0003435: [RFQs] On RFQ tab, show the customer in requester column when viewed as office
- 0003459: [Status] Add support for "off-the-shelf" products
- 0003456: [Other] Error if login dialog open for more than 60 seconds

Build (18-04-2016)
- 0003356: [Production data] Add no x-outs to specifications text
- 0003361: [Status] Panel Builder: Insure that routing goes clockwise on outer contour

Build (05-04-2016)
- 0003354: [Status] Panel Builder: Routing and tab removal output

Build (16-03-2016)
-0003324: [Status] Tweaks and fixes to Panel Builder module
-0003325: [Work orders] Nominal thickness of 1080 prepreg changed to 70┬Ám

Build (04-03-2016)
New features:
- 0003306: [Status] Add Panel Builder module
- 0003302: [Incoming Orders] Change default view/loaded items in Incomming orders
- 0003307: [RFQs] Use DHL China Norge curve for shipping in Forward Quote
- 0003292: [Work orders] Disallow manuf mark and No Cu shave should be read-only

Build (15-02-2016)
- 0003178: [Status] Additional info on packing list
- 0003271: [Status] If searched WO when signing, repeat search after sign
- 0003269: [Work orders] Support for performance class 2+
- 0003270: [Incoming Orders] Hide active orders
- 0003246: [Work orders] Add "cancel" possibility to price options custom dlg in Create WO from Quotation
- 0003254: [Work orders] DAP not passed on to PO even though chosen in WO
- 0003268: [Other] Shipped orders should not show red date on shipped orders

Build (06-01-2016)
- 0003177: [RFQs] Forward quote to customer should send email copy office
- 0003220: [Other] Show details check box should not be visible to manufacturer

Build (19-11-2015)
- 0003208: [Status] Improved messages if unable to download production data

Build (16-11-2015)
- 0003193: [Other] Add Beveled Edge and No Cu Shave as product specifications
- 0003194: [Production data] Shows messages for used for debugging when downloading files
- 0003191: [Production data] Error in downloading changed production files
- 0003190: [Production data] Some files with non standard file names missing from zip-files

Build (12-11-2015)
- 0003179: [Other] Add Ctrl+mouse click in any cell to copy contents to clip board
- 0003175: [Production data] Error in signing for mixes. Always denies manu download

Build (04-11-2015)
- 0003173: [Work orders] Show all product specs in Create Work Order dialog
- 0003172: [Production data] Downloading and approving file for manu-download gives false error if UL-mark is defined
- 0003174: [RFQs] Access violation on Forward Quote to ME user
- 0003171: [RFQs] IPC class 3 incorrectly selected for some products
- 0003170: [RFQs] Area not specified on Create RFQ from product
- 0003169: [RFQs] Access violation on Create RFQ without product

Build (03-11-2015)
New features:
- 0003164: [Other] Extended product specifications
- 0003163: [Other] Support for order options
- 0003126: [Other] Give intuitive filename for PO, Invoice, QA etc.
- 0003156: [RFQs] Forward quote: One-time prices do not update when changing currency